Welcome to the Victoria Orienteering Club

Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity involving navigation by map and a compass. It is enjoyed as a recreational activity or a challenging competitive sport.

New to Orienteering? The Victoria Orienteering Club always welcomes Beginners! To learn how to get started, read our Beginners Quick Guide. You can also learn more about orienteering here: Learn Orienteering

COVID-19 Guidelines: At this time, we are making all efforts to follow Provincial Health Guidelines to continue offering orienteering opportunities. Theses guidelines can be found here:

Victoria Orienteering Club - Return to Sport.pdf

Club Membership: You must be a club member and have signed a waiver to participate in any orienteering events. All events require pre-registration done online through Zone4.

Membership is free.

Current Situation (Jan 2022): At this time, we may offer a mix of virtual (at your own time) events and some limited in-person events. Keep checking our event schedule for details on what is available. Please see individual event pages for details on registering and becoming a club member.

Regular Fees for Events:

Virtual Events: Free for club members

In-Person Events: Adults $15, Youth $5

Interested in Orienteering Training? Please visit our Orienteering Training page for more details.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer to help us run events? Please check here for more info.

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