Welcome to the Victoria Orienteering Club

Orienteering is an outdoor adventure activity involving navigation by map and a compass. It is enjoyed as a recreational activity or a challenging competitive sport.

COVID-19 Guidelines: At this time, we are making all efforts to follow Provincial Health Guidelines to continue offering orienteering opportunities. Theses guidelines can be found here:

Victoria Orienteering Club - Return to Sport.pdf

Club Membership: You must be a club member and have signed a waiver to participate in any orienteering events. Commencing in 2021, all event registration will be done online through Zone4.

If you are not a member, but still wish to participate in any of virtual events prior to 31 Dec 2020, please register online using the Zone4 link here:

2020 Membership and Waiver

Membership is free.

Current Situation (Dec 2020): At this time, the Victoria Orienteering Club will offer 'virtual' orienteering courses to registered club members only. These courses are self-paced and can be completed at anytime within the range of dates offered. We hope to return to in-person events in the future. See individual events to see details on how to participate.

Regular Fees for Events:

Virtual Events: Free for club members

In-Person Events: Adults $8, Youth $5 (Fees to be updated for 2021)

For more information about orienteering, see our Orienteering Links page.

Interested in Orienteering Training? Please visit our Orienteering Training page for more details.

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