Dave and Patricia are in charge of handling all volunteer positions to help out at Club Events.  Below is a list of positions available with details about what each entails.  The positions listed can be handled by both beginner and experienced Orienteers.  If you're a beginner and unsure of whether you can fill a position, just ask!  Patricia can be reached at 250-812-7793 or connell2@telus.net


  • Greet people
  • Have new members fill out the "new member registration form"
  • Collect monies for entry fee and maps
  • Write members  name and needed information  on the control card
  • Make sure members have a whistle and compass
  • Direct participants  to the start line
  • Arrive approximately one hour before the meet start
  • Two people are recommended  for this position

Anyone volunteering  for this position will have time to do the event
"A great way to meet fellow members and know them by name"

Start Officials

  • Assign start times
  • Record  start times on the Start List and control  cards
  • Inform the participant when to start
  • After the start is completed return the Start List to the Meet Director and make sure the start area is clean
  • Two people are required for this position
  • Arrive approximately 1/2 hour before the event start

Anyone volunteering  for this position  can do the event after the start is

Finish Officials

  • Set up the finish chute, the finish flag, and results display line
  • Record the finishing  time of each participant on the Finish Sheet as they cross the
  • finish line
  • Collect the control cards in the same order as participants  cross the finish line
  • Record  the finish time on the control cards
  • Verify the punch patterns on the control cards
  • Display results on the results display line
  • Arrive approximately 1/2 hour before the event start
  • Two people are required  for this position

Anyone volunteering for this position can do the event early, but must finish
before the regular start of the event

Newcomer Coordinator

  • Explain the fundamentals of Orienteering  and review the event course for new members
  • Equipment set up and take down
  • Refreshment  stand setup
  • All equipment and refreshments will be supplied by the Meet Director
  • Control Retrieval at the end of the events

"Everyone except the Meet Director and Course Planner can compete in the

Contact the Volunteer Coordinators  for any further information  you may require.
Dave Connell - connell2@telus.net
Patricia Stafford - 250-812-7793

Remember  volunteering  if fun, easy, and great way to meet other members.