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Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)

*In order to facilitate the return to live orienteering this summer we are extending these current virtual events by 1 month*

Virtual Orienteering at Beaver Lake:

From May 1 to May 31 we will be offering a virtual O event at Beaver Lake. Do this event at your leisure any day in the month of May. In order to participate sign a waiver and register at the Zone4 registration site.

Once you’ve registered you’ll receive codes to access the courses and links to download maps.

If you are not familiar with the process for Virtual Orienteering go to

Introduction to Virtual Orienteering (

This event can be completed independently at your leisure within the month of April. Pick a day with lots of sunshine (for good GPS coverage) and get active!

Location: Start is at the Picnic Shelter adjacent to the southernmost parking lot.

See map below.

Format: There are three regular orienteering courses.

Easy - 2.2km 12 controls - all on or adjacent to trails

Medium - 3.0km 12 controls - all on or near trails

Advanced - 4.4km 19 controls - controls on or off trails

Map: Beaver and Elk Lake, map ISOM standard 1:5000

Cost: Free for registered club members.

Registration: Register here via Zone 4. Your completed registration will provide a link to the map and an event access code for MapRunF.

Virtual Events - How it works:

This event will make use of the "MapRunF" app for iPhone or Android, which must be downloaded on to your phone. MapRunF will display the map for you, and uses GPS to detect your location and virtually punch the controls with an loud audible beep. There will be no physical control flags used.

To learn more about MapRunF and how VICO uses it, please check here: Virtual Orienteering using GPS

Some helpful Tips for this Event:

1 - the MapRunF will display an orienteering map, but it is highly recommended you print and use the paper map provided to you. Once you register you will get a link to this pdf map. The MapRunF map is not as up-to-date and there are some locations that may be slightly off due to the need to georeference them correctly via Google Earth.

2 - before going to the event, ensure your phone battery is fully charged, and that you have your volume turned up to hear the audible beep when you reach a control. It is also a good idea to silence other distractions - email, text etc. You want to enjoy your orienteering event!

3 - You must travel through the Start triangle to start the MapRunF app. For the Finish, you must run through the location marked on the map. Be careful not to run through the Finish while you are still finding controls, this could accidentally end your run before you may like it to.

4 - When approaching the control, slow down to give your phone the best chance to get a good GPS signal. A green bar at the bottom of the MapRunF app will tell you your GPS accuracy. If this bar turns yellow or red, you have temporarily lost a good GPS lock. Just relax and stay at the control. Maybe travel in a circle. Don't worry you won't look silly. It should re-connect shortly.

Please send us feedback about your experience at Please remember to practice social distancing at all times while at Beaver Lake.


You can receive automatic results from MapRunF as soon as you finish your event. A complete set of results will be displayed here following the last day this course is available on 30 June 2021.



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