Virtual Orienteering in Thetis Lake Park:

From March 1 to March 31 we will be offering a virtual O event on the West side of Thetis Lake Park. Do this event at your leisure on any day in the month of March. You must join the club for the year 2021, sign a waiver online and register online in order to participate. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive codes to access the courses and links to download maps. Details on these formalities are your email inbox...

If you are not familiar with the process for Virtual Orienteering go to

Introduction to Virtual Orienteering

for a description

Date: any time from 9AM Mar 1st, 2021 until 5PM Mar 31st, 2021

Location: start and finish at the end of Bellamy Road - see below

Formatt: Point to point. Two courses:

Intermediate. 2.6km. Controls close to trail with navigation between controls mainly on trail. Compass required

Advanced 3.5km.Controls off trail with off trail route choices,



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