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Organizer: Linda Hildebrandt (Event Director)



It was an awesome turn-out for the UVIC Score O Virtual Event with close to 50 participants taking part! The course was set up to challenge everyone to find the optimum efficient route choice (most controls shortest distance), and this resulted in lots of unique route choice decisions and some interesting tourist excursions. For the most part, the virtual controls all worked well under optimum GPS conditions (clear sky), leading to no unnecessary wait times. Congratulations to Eric Kemp for an amazing 1st place run on the Score O (90min) Advanced Course and Angus Forsyth for also an excellent 1st place run on the Score O (60 min) Course.

You can check out all the great route options on MapRunF here:

Score O - 60 Min Overall Raw Results

Score O - 90 Min Overall Raw Results

Click 'Track' on any of the results and it will transport you to the RouteGadget page. By selecting the names listed on the right you will be able to compare route choices. You may need to re-enter the event code: 60 min Score O - 2141, 90 min Score O - 4272. Have fun comparing routes!

Additional Notes:

In tallying results, I noticed a few individuals were having such a great time, they ran the courses twice! Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, but only your first effort was counted in the official results.

In addition, some individuals had such a good time on the 60 min course, they forgot there was a time limit! Or maybe, they thought they were on the 90 min course and may have been blessedly unaware of the stiff time penalties that awaited them. It seemed best to transfer your effort over to the Advanced Course, with the more generous time window, vice losing so many points it seemed to nullify your otherwise awesome effort. If you don't see your name in the Score O (60 min) category, please check for your results in the Score O (90 Min).

All in all, this was a super successful event. Really good to see the level of enthusiasm by all. Special thanks to my vetter - Marie Burgess, who ran the course and checked control sites many many times to make sure we could fine-tune all the MapRunF control sites.

Stay active! Stay safe!

Linda Hildebrandt
Course Planner / Event Organizer

PS - Please verify the results for you are correct. Please contact me at: if you discover anything that may need to be fixed.


This virtual event will take place on the beautiful urban and wilderness areas of the UVIC Campus. This event will follow the public health protocols as provided by BC public health and will be offered as a virtual event that can be completed independently at your leisure within the month of February. Pick a day with lots of sunshine and get active!

Date: Run anytime between 1 Feb to 28 Feb.

Location: Start/Finish is at the big fountain (currently dry) in front of the main library on the UVIC Campus.

Format: The format for this event is a Score O. Find as many controls as you can, in any order within the given time limit. This type of event emphasizes good planning and route choice. Stay within the time limit. 10 point penalty for each minute overtime. Two course options are available:

Score-O Regular (Time Limit 60 minutes) 25 Controls available to find. Controls are mostly on or near trails or prominent landmarks with easy navigation. Great for families, beginners and those looking to walk rather than run.

Score-O Advanced (Time Limit 90 minutes). 35+ Controls available to find. Includes controls from regular Score-O plus some more long distance or more challenging controls including more refined navigation. Great workout for those looking to challenge themselves and/or go for a good run.

Map: UVIC map ISSOM standard 1:5000 for Score-O 60 Min and 1:7500 for Score O 90 Min

Cost: Free for registered club members.

Parking: Parking on campus requires a fee, but you can find lots of free 3 hr parking nearby to the campus on adjacent streets. Best parking is on Cedar Hill Cross Road near the dog park.

Registration: REGISTER HERE via ZONE 4 Your completed registration will provide a link to the map and an event access code for MapRunF.

Virtual Events - How it works:

This event will make use of the "MapRunF" app for iPhone or Android, which must be downloaded on to your phone. MapRunF will display the map for you, and uses GPS to detect your location and virtually punch the controls with an loud audible beep. There will be no physical control flags used.

To learn more about MapRunF and how VICO uses it, please check here: Virtual Orienteering using GPS

Some helpful Tips for this Event:

1 - the MapRunF will display an orienteering map, but it is highly recommended you print and use the paper map provided to you. Once you register you will get a link to this pdf map. The MapRunF map is not as up-to-date and there are some locations that may be slightly off due to the need to georeference them correctly via Google Earth. Your paper map is the most-up-to-date and will also display areas that are impacted by recent construction projects on the campus.

2 - before going to the event, ensure your phone battery is fully charged, and that you have your volume turned up to hear the audible beep when you reach a control. It is also a good idea to silence other distractions - email, text etc. You want to enjoy your orienteering event!

3 - The Start is located at the fountain in front of the library. You must travel through the Start triangle to start the MapRunF app. For the Finish, you must run through this exact same location. Be careful not to run through the Finish while your a still finding controls, this could accidentally end your run before you may like it to.

4 - When approaching the control, slow down to give your phone the best chance to get a good GPS signal. A green bar at the bottom of the MapRunF app will tell you your GPS accuracy. If this bar turns red, you have temporarily lost a good GPS lock. Just relax and stay at the control. Maybe travel in a circle. Don't worry you won't look silly. It should re-connect shortly. All points have been carefully georeferenced, if you are in the right spot you will hear an audible tone.

Please send us feedback about your experience at Please remember to practice social distancing at all times while on the UVIC Campus.


You can receive automatic results from MapRunF as soon as you finish your event. A complete set of results will be displayed here following the last day this course is available on 28 Feb 21.



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