Organizer: Tobi Gardner (Event Director)

Thanks to all who came out today, that was an amazing turnout! I hope you enjoyed the event.

Thank yous to Leigh, as always, for keeping the registration and results on track and to Scott for helping with registration and the Facebook Boost, and finally to Jade for the email boost.

Clean up support was very much appreciated, thanks to Diana, Andrew, Anne, Doris, Leigh, and Scott for your help at the end of the day.


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Mid-summer B-meet at Royal Roads!

Multi-course event, great for those new to orienteering, those looking for more challenge, and experienced orienteers as well!

Registration at 12:30pm, starts from 1:00pm. Course closure at 3:30pm.

$8 entry, $2 sport-IDent rental, $5 compass rental

Meeting location is on map below. To ensure we have sufficient maps, please register (to the right) if you are coming.

Please ask at registration if you would like a brief intro or refresher on orienteering "how-to's".

Course 1 - Best for those new to orienteering and young families. Controls on prominent features, footwork is on trails. Water station on course.

Course 2 - Ideal for those looking for a greater challenge than Course 1, Intermediate-level orienteers. Controls on prominent features, footwork is primarily on trail, minor compass work, route choice is modestly technical, moderate physical challenge. Water station on course.

Course 3 - Ideal for experienced orienteers or those looking for a greater navigational or physical challenge than Course 2. Route choice is plentiful and footwork is fancy as you choose your own adventure across campus. Compass and map work is required. Water station on course.

Course 4 - Similar to Course 3 but with more controls, best-suited for experienced orienteers. Water station on course.

Please be advised that the RRU campus has lots of wildlife (e.g., deer, cougar) which may poise a risk to dogs. It is highly recommended to bring a whistle or noisemaker, be alert on the course, and dogs should be leashed if along for the ride. For those looking for more information about cougar behavior and safety tips, please have a look at the Wild Safe BC website:


Course Maps

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4


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