Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

Map: Thetis Lake Park

Virtual Orienteering in Thetis Lake Park summer 2021:

UPDATE (10 Aug) - CAUTION - A cougar and her cub were spotted by visitors to Thetis Lake Park at approx 4:30 pm on Sat 7 Aug. This sighting took place on a rocky lookout on the east side of the lake a short distance from the main beach. Details here: Cougar Sighting at Thetis Lake Park This is a reminder to please use caution while you are in Thetis Lake Park. Always maintain awareness of your surroundings, and consider travelling in a small group or in pairs while you are engaged in your orienteering experience for increased safety. More information about how to stay cougar aware and respond to potential encounters can be found here.

From August 1 to August 31 we will be offering a virtual O event in Thetis Lake Park. Do this event at your leisure any day in the month of August. In order to participate you must join the club for the year 2021, sign a waiver and register.

Register online at It may be necessary to paste this address into your browser

Registration will open on August 1.Once you’ve registered you’ll receive codes to access the courses and links to download maps.

If you are not familiar with the process for Virtual Orienteering go to Introduction to Virtual Orienteering for a description.

Date: any time from 9AM Aug 1st, 2021 until 5PM Aug 31st, 2021

Location: Start and Finish in the main parking lot of Thetis Lake Park - see below

Format: Score – visit as any controls as you can within the time limit. You can choose between a 60 min limit or 120mins. Scoring is 20 points per control visited with a penalty of 10 points for each minute or part of minute over the time limit. It is unlikely that anybody will visit all controls within 120 mins – but we will see!


You can receive automatic results from MapRunF as soon as you finish your event. A complete set of results will be displayed here after the course has closed

Mapping notes - important

  • Both options use the same map. Because of the extent of the area covered by the controls, two overlapping maps will be needed.
  • There wasn`t room on the maps for control descriptions. They are available on a separate downloadable pdf
  • Only some signposts are shown on the map
  • All maps are scale 1:10,000 with 5m contours
  • Sorry for so many locations on hill tops but that’s where the best signals are received
  • There are no really challenging control locations but most are off trail

Safety warning - also important

  • Remember that this is a more remote area than those used for many events earlier this year. Be sure to let somebody know your plans - unlike regular events, organizers won't be keeping track of your safe return from the course
  • There is no drinking water available on the course. Make sure that you carry enough, especially in current hot weather



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