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Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Event Director), Roger MacLeod (Course Planner)

Partridge Hills Adventure Run

Event Summary:   Over 35 orienteers took on the challenge of negotiating the maze of trails in the Partridge Hills Area on a particularly beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.  Despite being a trails-only event, there was plenty to test the skills of new to advanced orienteers alike.  To achieve success, it was important to keep in touch with the map and always use the compass to verify direction.  Thank you to Roger for a very interesting course plan.

Overall Results are now posted, and split results can be found here:

Linda Hildebrandt, Meet Director

Details: This event promises to be an adventure that will appeal to both regular club members and the general public. There are three courses designed for a range of experience and levels of challenge; those new to orienteering and those looking for either a physical or navigation challenge. A specific effort has been made to make each course interesting by offering more than one possible route on each leg. The route you choose will dictate your overall time. Courses are much shorter than last year's event (45 minutes is the expected winning time on course 3).

Location: Durrance Lake (part of Mount Work Regional Park) parking lot.

Registration: 12:30 - 1 PM. Please arrive during this time to allow time to get to the start (a 5 minute walk).

Starts: 1:00 - 1:40 pm

Time Limit (control pick-up time): 3:15 pm

Format: Adventure Run/walk which is to say that it will be like a traditional orienteering course except that you are required to stay on trail at all times; it will be faster to do so anyways.

Course 3:  ~6 km                14 controls          Longer and more navigation required

Course 2:  ~4.5 km            10 controls          Shorter but the same navigation challenges

Course 1:  ~3 km                6 controls            Short, basic navigation, and the least elevation gain.

Bring:  a compass and whistle (mandatory).

SI: This event will be using Sport-Ident punching bring your stick or $2 to rent one

Cost:  $8 per adult, $5 per junior (19 and under). Membership required.  (Free for first-time participants)

For more info contact Linda or Roger 



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