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Organizers: Leigh Bailey (Event Director), Leigh Bailey (Course Planner)

Congratulations, Larry – the 2013 Determinator! Who led the pack in with a comfortable 2 min lead, followed by Jade who edged Roger by 2 secs.

Fastest overall on the Long course was (again) Hayden in 42.09. Scott and Roger followed about a minute later, separated by a mere 1 second. Jeremy had a very strong to #2 which put him in the lead for a while before running into problems at #8. Without that problem he would have been a strong contender for  2nd place. On the Short course, Penelope and doggy friend placed first, followed by Stephanie and Duncan. Kristen and Zara held the lead until going for a minor walkabout at #8, ending up in 3rd place.

Click on “Results” to see the full story. I’ll try to set the event on Routegadget so that you can plot your routes and compare with everybody else. Watch the Facebook page for progress on this.

Over the 5 events we had a great turnout with a mix of regulars plus several new faces. Perhaps the weather on the first couple of evenings encouraged people to get out. It was good to see a bunch of cadets on the last two days – let’s hope we see more of them at regular events.

My thanks to all the helpers – Gill who spent many hours in the bush and at home, the standard registration crew of David, Patricia and Henry, Martin and Diana for vetting and start plus all those guys who, when cold, wet and wanting to get home, went  out and collected controls. And a different “thank you” to those folks who cut short their run so that they could be back by 8pm. That makes things so much easier for the organizers and is really appreciated.


2013 Determinator Final – May 29

This event in Francis King Regional Park is the final event of the 2013 Determinator series where we decide who will hold the title of “2013 DETERMINATOR” (big deal!!).

The format of the final day is different in two ways:

  1. You must visit ALL controls in sequence ie no skipping
  2. There is a “chase start” where the runners with the highest handicaps start at 6:15 (note the early time) and hotshots such as Hayden or Shane start some 40 mins later. Other runners start somewhere in between. See below for  a start list

Beginners are welcome on the Short Course but be warned that no instruction will be available today

Registration  Registration  will be at the Francis King Park  – see map below. Registration will be open from 5:30 to 6:15. Parking is limited so please carpool if possible. The Start is a 5 min walk from Registration

Starts: The Chase Start will be as shown below.  Short course runners and runners who are doing the long course but not in the Chase can start any time after registering. Experienced orienteers who haven’t competed in this series will have a handicap of 1 and will start at the end – I suggest that they forget the Chase and start early. Course closure 8:00 – we need to pick up controls before dark

Courses: There will be two courses. Very different navigational skills will be needed

  • Short – about 2.0km. Visit all controls and in sequence. In some cases there are cross country options between controls and some of the controls will need more careful navigation than in past You’ll need to keep aware of where you are on the trail before entering the forest to find the control
  • Determinator – about 3.0km. Visit controls in sequence – and visit ALL controls. Controls will normally be well off trails and the optimum route between controls will often involve tricky cross-country navigation. This is a shorter course than last week but there is a greater penalty if you choose a trail route so I’m expecting a winning time of about 35 mins

NOTE: The Determinator course is not one for inexperienced orienteers. It’s easy to get “turned around” in the bush and, with limited daylight, this is not the time to practice your off-trail navigation. So, either run the Short course (which is more difficult than any previous Short course in this series), or plan on starting early to find a few of the Determinator controls but with a plan to be back before 8:00

Awards and Handicaps: There will be token awards for the first three finishers on the Chase (plus bragging rights for the next year). Note that Long course runners who are not part of the Chase will not be eligible for awards

Bring: a compass and whistle (mandatory). Wear clothing that is suitable for running.

SI: This event will be using Sport-Ident punching. Bring your stick or $2 to rent one

Cost: $8 per map, $5 per junior (19 and under). Membership required. (Free for first-time participants


Determinator 2013 Provisional Start Times


Baker, Mike                        6:22:12

Burgess, Marie                   6:21:28

Campbell, Jesse                6:21:50

Carter, Jade                        6:49:55

Cheek, Tyler                       6:48:28


Constabel, Peter                6:20:23

Cousins, Jeff                      6:37:40

Curry, Brad                         6:26:09

Downey, John                    6:53:31

Earle, Hayden                    6:59:38


Fetherstonhough, Britt       6:21:07

Forrest, Chris                      6:22:12

Forsyth, Angus                  6:54:36

Friend, Abby and               6:15:00

Gagnon, Larry                    6:45:57


Hardy, Sandra                    6:34:47

Hildebrandt, Linda              6:35:52

Hocking, Diana                  6:15:00

Hocking, Martin                  6:15:00

Knowlton, Richard              6:49:55


Kvakic, Sasha                     6:22:55

Lawrence, Jeremy               6:55:40

Lay, Richard                        6:35:09

Ling, Chris                           6:48:07

Low, Adrian                         6:55:19


MacLeod, Roger                 6:53:52

Martingo, Ho and                 6:15:00

Masson, Tannis + Lauren    6:15:00

Michael, Woollard and          6:20:02

Mills + crew, Alea                 6:18:36


Mitchner, Willett &                6:31:33

Needham, Maffia +               6:15:00

Ozog, Sarah                          6:37:40

Quinlan, Liam                        6:47:45

Reiber, Gendall and              6:15:00


Remunda, Adam                   6:38:23

Rettie, Claire                         6:15:00

Ruljancich, Shane                 7:00:00

Shannon, Jeff                       6:21:50

Sharpe, David                      6:25:04


Sheldrake, Scott                  6:56:02

Simmonds, Brock               6:40:12

Strougal, Petra                    6:16:04

Swinkels, Mark                    6:30:50

Swinkels, Scott                   6:56:02


Turner, Ben                        6:15:00



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