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Organizers: Carl Coger (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Organizer)

Map: Beacon Hill Park

Post-Event Report

A very keen group of 52 orienteers arrived in Beacon Hill Park eager to keep up with their New Year's resolution to get active and fit for 2013.  Two visitors from the GVOC (Louise Oram and Meghan Rance) were also present to kick off our very first VicO event for the new year.

Good runs were had by Hayden Earle (first place in Class A), Sandra Hardy (first place in Class B) and Laura Willet (first place in Class C).  Overall, the event proved to be alot of fun for all participants and a great way to enjoy the park on a crisp but fine day.

Thank you to all the helpers:  Diana and Leigh (set-up and control hanging), Richard and Linda (registration), Hayden, Louise, Meghan and Scott (results and control pick-ups), and Jack (set-up/clean-up).  And a special thank you to Carl for planning out a very interesting course and making all the maps.

We hope to see everyone at our next event:  the Lake Hill Street Orienteering Event on the 27th of January

Happy New Year!!

Marie Burgess - Meet Director



Orienteering Levee at Beacon Hill Park

Tuesday, January 1st 2013 - Mass Start at 1:00


  • This event is open to existing members and newcomers.
  • Meet at the Sport Hut, near the children's playground, which has tables, washrooms, and HEAT!
  • Meet the new (and old) club officials
  • Toast the New Year with hot cider
  • Treat yourself to nibblies
  • MEMBERS, in order to run better, eat less at your New Year’s Eve party and bring the leftovers to share with others.
  • Get active! Follow through with those New Year’s resolutions! ORIENTEER on our loveliest map.


1-hour Score O. Visit the controls in any order. Orienteers either start with no map or a blank map and must first locate a master map station and 'fill up' on the locations for the controls. Visit the master map stations as many times as you need to. This is an interesting variation of a typical Score-O event. Beginners may carry a marked map and do a more traditional Score-O event.

Class A - is for experienced orienteers. Orienteers carry no map and no pencil. (Runners in this class must memorize at least one of the 'master map filling stations' at the start)

Class B - is for orienteers with some experience. Orienteers can carry a blank map but no pencil.

Class C - is for beginners and group. Orienteers will be provided with a marked map and may carry a pencil.

Cost:  $8 plus $5 yearly membership (membership is free for first-time participants upon paying the $8 event fee)

Mystery Controls (included): And, just to keep things really interesting there are a four 'mystery photo' controls that can only be found by studying the photos carefully to figure out their location. They will not be marked on the map! Feel free to visit the park ahead of time to check where you think these 'mystery photo controls' could be located, but please not on the morning of the event when controls are hung.

Mystery Control 16 Mystery Control 17

Mystery Control 18Mystery Control 19

If you would like to explore Beacon Hill Park over the Christmas holidays in search of the mystery controls (lots of us do!), it is a great idea to have a blank map availalbe. You can obtain older edition Beacon Hill Park maps by emailing our map archivist Diana Hocking

Happy Holidays Everyone! See you on the 1st of January!

Need more info? Contact Marie ( or phone at 250-727-1729



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