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Organizer: Angus Forsyth (Organizer)

The Victoria Orienteering Club now has the UVIC campus, 10 Mile Point and Gordon Head all mapped, allowing us to offer the first ever 3 hour urban orienteering event! This event promises to be an epic urban adventure which will appeal to club members looking for a fun challenge. There is also a shorter 90 minute option for families or those still new to orienteering, who are looking for something a little easier. In addition, there will be a short beginner couse of regular orienteering on the UVIC campus only.

Street Orienteering is great exercise for all, especially family groups. Navigation is not difficult, but street orienteering is good training for route planning and for learning to read maps quickly while on the move. Control flags are not used in street orienteering. Instead, a piece of information will need to be collected at the control to verify that you have been there, such as the number on a hydro box, fire hydrant or any unique features on the street maps.

Location: Meet at the McKinnon Gym, on the UVIC Campus. Enter from McKenzie Avenue. There will be signs there to guide you in.

Registration: 12-12:45 PM Please arrive early to register, if you are considering participating in the 3-hr event. As it will have an early start at 1230 hrs.

Mass Start: There will be two start times. 1230 PM for the 3 hr event. 1 PM for the 90 minute event. Please make sure you are all ready to go and assembled so that you don't miss the mass start. Late starters will not receive any extra time.


Score O - collect as many control points that you can in any order within a given time limit. This format is great for beginners and experienced orienteers alike as you can choose your own route and collect as few or as many controls as you like dependent on how fast you wish to go. There will be deductions on your score for coming in over time. Course options are:

Beginner Short - regular course on UVIC map only. Not timed, with a informal start any time after registration. Good for those who are new and just wanting to give orienteering a try for the first time. Score O Short - 90 min Score O Long - 3 hrs Both Score-O events will use the same control points and cover 3 maps - Gordon Head Plateau, UVIC and 10 Mile Point. Maps will be separate and controls will consist of unique features such as hydro boxes, fire hydrant, etc. There will be control codes on regular controls (but no punches) on the UVIC map.

Time Limit: Score-O Short 90 min course: Return to Finish by 2:30 PM. Course closes at 3 PM. Score-O Long 3 hr course: Return to the Finish by 3:30 PM. Course closes at 4 PM.

Fees: $8 per person, $5 yearly membership (First year membership is free for first time orienteers)

For more info contact Angus Forsyth

See you there!



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