Organizer: Larry Squire (Event Director)

Map: Royal Roads University Campus


The 2024 Determinator Series has concluded. Thank you to everyone that helped produce 5 quality events and we hope everyone participating had a great time!

Congratulations to Roger McLeod who was crowned Determinator Champion after a blister run through Royal Roads. He was also first overall in real time for this event.

Second place was captured by Kristen Burnett who used those long strides of hers to stay ahead of the pack.

In third place was the ever clever Linda Hildebrant who relied on some great route choices to reach the podium.

Thank you to everyone that helped picked controls, gathered equipment, print maps, picked up snacks, updated the webpage and helped with registration. Great team effort!

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VICO welcomes back its most popular event of the year: The Determinator Series!

The Event Details for the Determinator Final have been updated. Please read carefully.

This final event is a staggered start, with your start time calculated based on your performance at the previous Determinator events. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your start time to check-in at registration and prepare yourself. Start Times are very exact (to the second!) based on calculated handicaps, so please make sure you start at exactly the right time listed. Scroll down for a complete list of Start Times below.

With the handicaps providing an equalizer between faster and slower orienteers, the Finish should be a close race with mere seconds separating the finishers. This should lead to an exciting conclusion to our popular Determinator Series for 2024.

When: Wednesday June 12th 2024 - Start listed below. First start times begin at 6:30 pm. Check carefully as start times are different for each racer (see below).

Where: Royal Roads University Forested Campus - meet at the west gate entrance to the campus woods, near the end of Wishart Road, close to Colwood Elementary. Parking on-street close to the Start may be limited. Please give yourself plenty of time to park on neighboring streets and walk to the start.

Courses: There will be two courses offered:

  • Determinator Course - Regular point-to-point format based on Start List. For this final, you must collect ALL controls (No Skipping)
  • Easy Course - intended for those new to orienteering and those who want to participate in a course, but have not gotten a handicap from attending previous Wednesday Determinator evenings.

Cost: $15 for adults, $5 for juniors (under 13)

What to Bring: Wear light clothes suitable for running. Any decent running shoes or trail runners. No leg covering needed for this event. Compass is optional, but recommended for the Easy course. Compass and whistle are a must for the Determinator Course.

Registration Details: Registration Details: Register prior to the event with our new Zone4 registration system. Register, pay and sign waivers all in one shot. Show up and just race! Link to Registration

See you out there! Who will be the Determinator Winner for 2024?


Please make sure to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes ahead to register and line up for your start time.

2024 Determinator Final - start list

Astridge, Kevin               6:50:06
Bazalova, Magdalena           6:51:17
Burgess, Marie                6:42:53
Burnett, Kerstin              6:43:12
Burnett, Ross                 6:54:17

Carter, Brett                 6:55:12
Fang, Dylan                   6:30:00
Gagnon, Larry                 6:51:00
Glatzmayer, Laurel            6:36:36
Glover, Isobel                6:49:47

Gottfried, Avery              6:57:17
Grynko, Sasha                 6:47:42
Hildebrandt, Linda            6:34:47
Hocking, Phillipa             6:39:36
Hoefer, Elise                 6:30:00

Hunt, Tony                    6:54:17
Johnson, Eileen               6:30:00
Keighan, Alison               6:34:30
Lawrence, Virginia            6:30:00
Ling, Chris                   6:48:17

MacLeod, Jeffrey              6:56:42
MacLeod, Roger                6:49:47
Magalenich, Jen               6:37:47
McLeod, Ellie                 6:49:30
Moran, Deidre                 6:36:36

Novak, Miroslav               6:30:00
Oliver, Jason                 6:51:00
Oliver, Meggan                6:43:47
Oliver, Rachel                6:30:00
Parton, Pamela                6:34:30

Rodger, Carsten               6:33:53
Scheck, Barbara               6:36:53
Schneider, Ellice             6:30:00
Sharpe, David                 6:31:30
Squire, Larry                 6:51:00

Taylor, Arthur                6:50:42
Tickner, Carol                6:37:30
Webb, Clayton                 6:43:47



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