Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)

Map: Beaver Lake


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VICO welcomes back its most popular event of the year : The Determinator Series!

If you have not attended the Determinator before, it is not too late to get involved in this fun weekly series.

This week's Determinator will take place at Beaver Lake Park.

The Determinator is a Series of 5 orienteering races taking place over 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Each race is a short sprint style course where you have to collect controls in order as fast as possible. We will be using the GOAT format which means you are allowed to skip any one control of your choosing, adding an extra element of strategy.

When: Wednesday May 29th 2024 - Pre-register online at link below. Maps distributed at 645pm. Mass start at 7pm.

Where: Beaver Lake: Filter Beds Parking Lot

Courses: There will be two courses offered:

  • Determinator Course - intended for those with some experience - Classic Goat Format - Skip any one control of your choosing!
  • Easy Course - intended for those brand new to orienteering.

Cost: $15 for adults, $5 for juniors (under 13)

What to Bring: Wear light clothes suitable for running. Any decent running shoes or trail runners. No leg covering needed for this event. Compass is optional for urban terrain, but will be needed for events in forest areas.

Registration Details: Register prior to the event with our new Zone4 registration system. Register, pay and sign waivers all in one shot. Show up and just race! Link to Registration :


Each upcoming Determinator will rank participants based on their performance at the previous events using a handicap system. Results and handicaps will be posted after the first event. This system gives a chance for everyone to compete against each other no matter their experience or speed as the handicap system creates a great equalizer.

Handicaps can only be applied to individual runners, so it is difficult to assign these to those participating as a group. We encourage all participants in the Determinator series to register as an individual competitor so they have their own SI stick and result. It is still ok to 'team up' as you race, if you like the company. Handicaps will now be applied to all races, so if you are consistent and improving you should see yourself moving up in the results!

See you out there!



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