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Early spring campus orienteering at the University of Victoria

Start Location & Parking: Parking Lot 10 of West Campus Way.

12:30 - 1:00 pm Arrival and map pick-up for the UVIC Courses, REMEMBER CLOCKS GO FORWARD ON SUNDAY MORNING

Regular starts can begin anytime after 1 pm.
All courses close at 3:00 pm. Awards and Presentations at 3:15 pm.

Registration: Register through Zone4

Details: This event will include 3 courses to suit orienteers of various experience and abilities. This a good event for those new to orienteering, and those who wish to challenge themselves by trying out more advanced courses in a combination of urban and some forest terrain. Courses offered will be as follows:

  • Course 1 (Beginner) approx. 2.5 km - all control flags will be on-trail or slightly off-trail on very prominent objects. Easy navigation.
  • Course 2 (Intermediate) approx. 3.5 km - control flags will be mostly on-trail or a short distance off-trail. More route choice.
  • Course 3 (Advanced) approx. 5+ km - more difficult controls or longer legs requiring more complex navigation. More intricate route choice.

Event Cost: $15 for Adults, $5 for Junior (19 and under) participants travelling on their own or shadowed by an adult. Families with children or adults wishing to travel together may share one map and can register with just one paid adult entry. This event will include Sport Ident (SI) Timing. SI Sticks are included with registration.

Thanks to SOGS for helping with the event



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