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Score O Novice

Organizers: Marie Burgess (Course Planner), Linda Hildebrandt (Event Director)

Map: Beacon Hill Park


Well over 120 participants showed up on Sunday to celebrate their New Year's Resolution to get outside and get active! This was by far the best turn-out we have had at one of our club events in recent years. What a good start to 2024!

Overall, this was a great event with some awesome effort put in by all participants. We were particularly pleased to note how many managed to work in a visit to our 'mystery controls'. (See Attached Map showing the location of all controls including the mystery photo controls). We did have one unfortunate glitch involving Control 16. It turns out some 'unkind soul' in the park had removed this control and threw it into a nearby thicket. We apologize to those who spent time searching for this control flag . As this happened prior to the start of the race, no one was able to find that illusive number 16 and we have re-scored the total to be out of 230 points.

Results are now being posted and will be available soon. Congratulations to Brett Carter (Advanced Crse with 220 pts), and the Lisitsyn Family (Intermediate) and the Garrison Family (Novice) for achieving a full 230 points on each of their courses. A particular thank you to all those who helped with results: Henry, Annely and Sara. And also those who assisted with control pick-up: Taiyo, Brett, Lena, Andrey and Isobel.

All the best to everyone for 2024! We hope to have more exciting orienteering events posted up soon. See you there!

Linda Hildebrandt (Event Director) and Marie Burgess (Course Planner)

Start the New Year off right!

Get active and enjoy a nice kick-off to your new year's resolution. Bring your Christmas left-over snacks and socialize with your fellow orienteers. This seasonal favourite will take place at Beacon Hill Park on one of our finest Orienteering Maps!


There will be three course options for New Year's Day that are all variations of a Score O:

Score O Novice - Find as many controls flags as you can in any order. Orienteers will be provided with a marked map showing all 20 control locations and have a time limit to collect as many as possible. This course is suitable to new orienteers and family groups looking for a fun adventure.

Score O Intermediate - Orienteers in this category will be provided with a blank map showing only the location of three 'Master Map Stations' located within the park. At each master map station there will be a map showing the location of all of the controls. The challenge here is to get to a master map station and try to visualize the location of controls and then find as many as you can within the time limit! No pencils or pens! You can visit as many master map stations as you like and as often as you wish. You can't draw on your map. It is only used to reference you to your surroundings and help visualize control sites. This is a real test of map visualization and memory. Great for orienteers with some experience and looking for a challenge.

Score O Advanced - Orienteers in this category will carry no map - just your control card and a control description. This is the ultimate Memory O for those seasoned orienteers, who love a challenge and have great powers of concentration. At the start, orienteers must visualize at least one of the locations of a 'Master Map Station', and head there first. Master map stations can be visited as many times as needed. Orienteers in this category must not only remember the location of controls but also the layout of the park to help them get there. Your brain will be in overdrive on this one. Those who can remember the most locations won't need to re-route to master map stations as often, so this is requires a careful balance of concentration at the map station and speed.

IMPORTANT for those doing the Intermediate or Advanced Score O - No taking pictures of the master maps with your cel phone!!! Seriously, this is about challenging your memory not being sneaky! Also, no asking those in the novice category for a little peek at their map. Also a no-no. Novice orienteers - guard your maps accordingly! If you do encounter an orienteer with a real look of desperation, you may kindly direct them to the nearest master station.

Time Limit for the Score O is 60 minutes. There are 20 controls to find plus 4 mystery controls Each control is worth 10 points. Each minute over 60 minutes will cause a 10 point deduction. Max points 240 (that includes the mystery controls - mystery controls? - yup, see description below)

MYSTERY CONTROLS ARE BACK! - A fun addition we have had in previous years, there will be four 'additional' controls (Controls 21,22,23 and 24) in the park that can be found only by using a picture that will reveal their location. To find these, you are welcome to look at the pictures below and walk the park at your leisure anytime before 1 January and note their location. THEY WILL NOT BE MARKED ON THE MAP. Alternately, you can print a copy at home and take it with you as run the event to look for them or hopefully stumble across them as you participate in the Score O. However, please do not roam the park on the morning of the event. We kindly request you stay out of the park until the event registration starts at 12 pm on 1 Jan 2024. While the event is in progress, you can visit the mystery controls to add to your tally of controls found. They are worth 10 points each! Download a copy here: Mystery Controls

What to Bring:
Warm clothes suitable for running in the brisk January weather. Good trail running shoes are recommended, Also bring any left-over nibbles from Christmas to share!

$5 for Junior participants, $15 for Adults. No SI chip is required for this event. Registration, waiver and payment are all done in one location using our Zone4 system using the following registration link, open as of 17 December:

Meeting Location:

At the "Sport Hut" located in the center of Beacon Hill Park near the large playground. A great little place to hang out and get warm. After the event, we can gather there for the results, enjoy some nibbles and socialize

The closest vehicle parking available is by the petting zoo, or on Douglas Street. Expect a short walk-in using the wide paved areas. Please avoid actively looking for controls as you wander in, it will take all the fun out of the event.

Start Time:
Check-in: 12-1pm
Mass Start: 1:00pm SHARP
Course Closure: 2:30pm. Please return to the Start/Finish area before course closure so event staff can begin course cleanup.

Set a 10 minute alarm on your phone or watch! 10 points will be deducted for each full minute you are late.

Transit Options for getting to the Event :

1. Public Transit - VICO encourages you to utilize Public Transit to arrive at the event. See for more info
2. via Bicycle - VICO encourages you to travel by Bike to the event! Increase your health, and lower emissions.
3. Carpool - Why not team up with your friends and take 1 car? Parking is limited and you can catch up with your friends.



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