Organizer: Larry Gagnon (Event Director)

Map: Lake Hill Streets

We're going back to urban orienteering in the Lake Hill area of Saanich: the area surrounding Beckwith Park. This region provides lots of variety of urban/park/trail/cut-through features to use for control sites and is suitable for families and experienced orienteers alike. Fast running or easy walking! Includes Rithets Bog, Blenkinsop Lk, Lochside Tr, many other small park areas. Hilly to north, flat in centre and south.

DATE: Sunday, February 26th, 2023

TIME: registration online using Zone4 system. Please register before 8pm on the Saturday before. Mass start at 1 PM. Time limit 2 hours (course closes at 3 PM).

LOCATION: Beckwith Park, Saanich. Parking off Beckwith Avenue just south of intersection with Belvedere Road.

EVENT TYPE: Urban street score orienteering, mass start, 2 hour time limit, find as many sites as possible and prove you visited that site by answering a specific question about it. The distant controls may be worth 2 points, otherwise all other controls are worth 1 point. Categories for results: Walkers, Joggers, Runners. You do not need to be out for the full 2 hours - just get as many as you like in a time period you are comfortable with.

MAP: new OpenOrienteeringMap Street O map, Jan 2023, scale 1:15000 (1cm on map = 150m on ground), oriented to true north, bounded by Royal Oak Dr to north, McKenzie Ave to south, Hwy 17 to west and Blenkinsop Rd to east.



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