Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)

Map: Beaver Lake

Event Summary

It was a beautiful day at Beaver Lake Park and this event attracted over 35 participants including some cadets and staff from 2483 Army Cadet Corps. We were happy to see so many new participants and families. We even had a some drop-in traffic who were able to register on the spot to take part. A few brave souls did try out the memory O and found it to be an interesting challenge. As always, we are grateful for the volunteers who helped out at the event, including Eileen (set-up and starts), Annely (set-up and finish), Chris (control hanging) and Leigh (all the SI and resutls). Thank you to everyone who attended.

Event Organizers - Linda and Marie


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Looking to do some fun orienteering in the fall? This event will start off our fall series of orienteering events, and will use a special format that will add some challenge and fun to your orienteering skills. For those new to orienteering, we will still have a beginner level course available. If you have orienteering experience, you can either take part in a classic point-to-point course or take on the challenge of the "Memory O". See details below.

Volunteers! We need you! Discount event fees available for all those kind souls willing to help us with running this event. See details below.

Registration is now open!! See below. Please register by midnight on 24 September to help organizers anticipate number of participants on each course and print maps in sufficient quantity. Some limited registration will be available until noon 25 September.

LOCATION: Beaver Lake Park - South Parking Lot near the Picnic Shelter

TIME: 12:30 - 1:00 pm Registration, Starts between 1:00 and 2:00 pm


  • Course 1 - Beginner - short course (approx 2 km) - all controls on trail
  • Course 2 - Classic Option (map) or Memory O (no map) - all controls on trail - short distance (~ 2.5 km)
  • Course 3 - Advanced Classic Option (map) or Memory O (no map), all controls on trail - long distance (~4.5 km)

Memory O Description – For this event format, orienteers carry no map, but will be shown a small map section at the start to get to the first control. Each subsequent control flag will display a small map piece that will show only the location of the next control to be found. Orienteers must look at this map piece and memorize their route to get to the next control flag! This type of orienteering provides a bit of a twist on the traditional and tests map simplification, memory and good route choice. Note: All orienteers will get to carry a sealed ‘safety map’, showing the whole route if required. CRD guidelines have requested that we stay on trails, so all control points will be at or near available trails.

Both a short (approx 2.5 km) and a long (approx 4.5 km) Memory – O Course will be available. The short course is ideal for those new to this format. The long course will present a good challenge for advanced orienteers who love a good long run and want to practice control visualization, route simplification and map memorization.

Classic Course Description - this type of orienteering course will follow the traditional point-to-point format with orienteers provided a map at the start. Maps will be made available at the start. Note: Anyone that opens their 'safety map; will automatically be switched to this category.


Registration: Registration will be done through Zone 4. Register here.

Cost: $15 for adults, $5 for juniors who are competing individually. Groups (two or more adults or adults with children), who intend to travel together can participate as part of one adult entry fee ($15). Details on how to register as a group will be provided in the registration process.

Equipment: Please bring a whistle (required), and compass (optional). Dress warm, expect muddy wet trails if rainy weather.

Volunteers: Volunteers are always needed to help with set-up, registration, and organizing orienteers at the Start or Finish. If you are willing to volunteer to help at this event, please email us at .All volunteers will be able to participate in running on a course AND be eligible to receive a reduced event fee!



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