Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)


Congratulations to Pamela Parton as (in her first year of Orienteering) the 2022 Determinator. She finished 12 seconds ahead of long time Orienteer Chris Ling.

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This is the final event in a 4-week series known as "The Determinator". This VICO classic is one of our most popular events of the year, and not to be missed! If you have attended the previous Determinator races, you will be provided with a handicap and have been a designated Start Time. If you have not had a chance to attend previous races and get a handicap, you are still welcome to enjoy our alternate Short Course suitable for juniors, groups and those simply wishing a less competitive and shorter course.

Where: UVIC Campus. We will meet at the Frank Hobbs Elementary School located just off-campus at 3875 Haro Road.

Parking: Street parking on Haro Road is available at no cost. Please don't park in the school parking lot.

When: 1800 - 2030 hrs. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your assigned start time!

Cost: $15 adults $5 juniors

Start List:: Check your start time here (Last Update 14 June). Make sure to arrive early enough to start at your designated time. As we had some folks run with others and others race solo, it may have been more difficult to assign handicaps. If you have any questions about your calculated start time, please email Linda at .

Registration: Please pre-register using Zone 4 Event Registration, if you plan on attending the event. IMPORTANT: The registration deadline is 1200 noon on June 15. Registration is now closed. Missed the deadline? Email:

Event Details - very important

The format for the Determinator Final is different from earlier events:

  1. Visit all controls in sequence – NO skipping
  2. Start times will be set in advance (to be posted soon) with the higher handicap runners starting at 6:30 pm.
  3. Lower handicap runners follow and will have to catch the earlier starters in order to win. This process creates a great equalizer based on running speed, giving those who can orienteer efficiently a good chance of competing against those with fast running skills.
  4. The first orienteer back at the Finish can brag about being the 2022 Determinator! Celebrations at a local pub later optional.

There will be two courses offered:

  • Determinator - this course is approx 4.5 km long. Controls are not technically difficult, but route choice will demand attention and provide interesting options. Participants must have participated in one previous race to have been assigned a handicap. Chase start based on assigned start times.
  • Easy - Short - this course is approx 3.2 km long. Controls are located is easy terrain and not technically difficult. Easier route choice options. This course is suitable for adults shadowing juniors, groups, and generally anyone looking for a short fun less competitive course. No assigned start list. Start anytime after 6:45 pm.

Choosing a course:

If you have run in a previous Determinator, received a handicap and are ready to run as competitive runner, we welcome you on the Determinator Course. If that does not apply to you, we welcome you to enjoy our Easy-Short Course, which is open for everyone else. Note: If you did run one race solo and then another as a group and and received a handicap, and want to race on the Determinator, just email us to inquire about your handicap, and we will figure it out. Email:

All courses will close at 8:30 pm, so please be back to the Start/Finish even if it means skipping some controls to get back in time.



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