Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)

Map: Royal Roads University Campus

Later than hoped, forest Orienteering finally returns for 2022! We did have two events planned for this April/May at Thetis Lake and Beaver Lake, but unfortunately the CRD declined our permits on the grounds we were asking to go off trail. This is obviously a significant challenge as all our best maps are CRD parks.



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This event will take place at Royal Roads on the campus grounds and surrounding forest trails. This is one of our most beautiful orienteering terrain that we have available. There will be three courses of forest orienteering in Hatley Park, that are suitable for those new to orienteering and experienced orienteers looking for a challenge. Families and beginners are welcome.

Meeting Location/Parking: P4 Parking (the old athletics track at the top of teh hill just inside the main gates)

Pay parking is in effect in all RRU parking lots.

Registration: To participate in this event, you must pre-register using the following link: Zone 4 Registration - Royal Roads Event. Registration will include payment, acknowledgement of risk and membership in the Victoria Orienteering Club.

Time: Competitors will be able to start on the course commencing at 12:30 pm. Maps will be available at the Registration tent for pick-up.


Course 1 - Beginner, all control flags on trail, easy terrain

Course 2 - Intermediate, more challenging controls

Course 3 - Advanced long course, more challenging controls and terrain, longer distance

Course Closure: All participants must return by 4pm.

Beginner Instruction: If you are new to orienteering, please identify yourself when you pick up your orienteering map at the registration tent. We will make sure to provide you with a bit of instruction to help you get started.

Cost: $15 per entry for adults, $5 for juniors

Entry includes:

  • Membership
  • SportIdent stick rental (used for electronic timing)
  • Map

** Please note, to participate in this event, you must pre-register, pre-pay and sign the waivers, all done easily using the following link :

COVID Precautions: Please stay and home if you are sick, please maintain a respectful distance of 2m from other competitors



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