Organizer: Linda Hildebrandt (Organizer)

Map: Beacon Hill Park

Traditionally, the Victoria Orienteering Club has celebrated the new year with a fun Score Orienteering event at Beacon Hill Park on New Year's Day. We hope to return to our normal event schedule sometime soon. Beacon Hill remains one of the most interesting parks to explore due to its varied terrain and rich history. So, we can continue to ring in the New Year in style, we would like to offer a free Trivia O event that is family friendly and can be completed at your own leisure. Here are the details:

Date: anytime between 28 Dec to 12 Jan

Location: Beacon Hill Park


This is a do-it-yourself event. Print off the map along with a Beacon Hill Trivia sheet on which to record your answers. Head off to Beacon Hill Park and find the locations as indicated by the control circles on the map in any order. There are 20 control locations to find. At each location, check the corresponding Trivia question and note your answer on your sheet. There is no time limit. This event can be enjoyed by any level of orienteer. Find as many of the controls as you like. Take your time to enjoy the sights and history of this beautiful park. Bring along a friend or the whole family. This is a great activity to enjoy with others.

To check your answers, you can attend the upcoming 'Train the Brain' session hosted on Thursday 13 January. Or, you can email to receive an answer key.

Map and Trivia Sheet:

Beacon Hill Park Trivia O Map.pdf

Beacon Hill Park Trivia O Answer Sheet.pdf

Have fun! Best wishes for 2022 to everyone! We hope to see you on the trails again sometime soon.


Course Maps

Beacon Hill Trivia O


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