Organizers: Larry Squire (Event Director), Linda Hildebrandt (Controller)

Map: Layritz Park / Camosun Interurban

Continue to enjoy our return to in-person orienteering with another event scheduled to take place at Layritz Park/ Camosun Interurban Campus. Layritz Park and the adjoining areas of Camosun and the Pacific Sports Institute offer a unique blend of urban as well as some wilderness orienteering opportunities. Here is hoping we will have great weather.

Course Formats:

  • Beginner – easy controls located on trails or large identifiable features
  • Intermediate – mix of controls on trail, some controls slightly off-trail.Includes some off-trail navigation options.
  • Advanced – longer course with more challenging off-trail controls that will include more precise navigation to locate.

Beginner Clinic: 1100 - 1200 hrs. Prior to the event, there will be a Beginner Clinic offered to those new to orienteering and looking to develop basic skills. The Beginner Clinic will offer:

  • an overview of how orienteering works and the equipment used,
  • basic skills (orienting the map, basic map reading, interpreting orienteering symbols, and employing basic strategies - using handrails, collecting features), and
  • practice course consisting of a map walk to get familiar with orienteering maps.

NOTE: Space for the Beginner Clinic is limited to 15 participants. You must become a Victoria Orienteering Member and register for the event using ZONE 4 (as per details below). Cost for Clinic is included in the event fee. In addition, please sign up to reserve your spot on the Beginner Clinic (listed on the right).

Registration: All participants must register online using ZONE 4 prior to the event. Deadline to register is 6 pm Saturday 23 October. All who register through Zone 4 prior to the deadline will be assigned a course map, which can be picked up at the Registration Table on the day of the event. Limited late registration is possible. We will be printing a few spare maps, for those who may choose to drop-in and late register on Sunday, however, please note that access to a map is not guaranteed.

Register here: (Deadline: 6 pm 23 October) Limited late registration available on the day.

Registration and Start Location: West Side Layritz Park. Parking is available in the parking lot on the east side of the Vancouver Island Technology Park. See map below for exact location. Starts will be able to commence shortly after maps have been picked up at the Registration Desk commencing 12:30 pm.

Course Closure: All courses will close by 3:30 pm.

Cost: $15 per adult map, $5 per junior (under 19 yrs) map. Cost includes rental of Sport Ident stick


Course Registration

Beginner Clinic

To take place 1100 - 1200 prior to the event. Intended for those new to the sport and looking for basic instruction. Size Limit: 15 participants. Make sure to also register for the event using Zone 4.

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