Organizer: Larry Gagnon (Event Director)

Virtual Street Orienteering Event - Esquimalt:

Come enjoy a nice long run, jog or walk around all the parks, green spaces and viewpoints in beautiful Esquimalt. Do this event at your leisure on any day in the month of January.

Date: any time from 9AM Jan 1st, 2021 until 5PM Jan 31st, 2021

Location: start and finish at Saxe Point Park, Esquimalt

Format: Score Orienteering, 2 hour time limit, 42 controls, each worth 20 points, locate them in any order, answer a question from a link provided answer sheet, submit results via an online survey (link to be provided), 10 point deduction for each minute late beyond 120 minutes. Try all controls or find just a few! The extended 2 hour limit should enable most runners to find and answer all controls sites.

Map: new 2020 (Open Street Map based), 1:12,500 scale (1cm on map = 125m on ground), oriented to true north. You will not require a compass for this map.

Required: 1) online registration, 2) MapRunF app on your cell phone, 3) MapRunF code (once you have registered), 4) link to .pdf's for the answer sheet and paper copy of map, 6) finally submit your answers via an online survey (link below) before end of Jan 31st.

Virtual Orienteering HOWTO (please read this if you have not done a Virtual O in the past)

You must go through the Start Triangle and the Finish Control (same location - in this case the start triangle) to successfully start and complete the course.


Once you have completed the event please submit your answers here.

Enjoy! Any queries to mailto://



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