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Course Maps

Photo O


Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)


The 2020 COVID edition of the Photo O.

New higher resolution map using open orienteering map

Map can be downloaded from here, used in the MapRunF app, or found in the Google folder linked below.

*** IMPORTANT Waiver Info *** : You must be a club member and have signed a waiver to participate. If you are not a current paid member for 2020, please register online using the Zone4 link here :
Membership is free for first timers and $5 per year for returning members.

Start and Finish in Pioneer Square

Visit as many controls as possible in 90 mins – make sure you log the start and finish in MapRunF at the marked start location to record a time.

  • Score only option – simply visit as many controls as possible in 90 mins.
  • Photo O option – visit as many control as you can in 90mins and identify the correct photo.

20 pts per control, loose 10 points for each minute over 90mins.

Photos are available in one of two places - at this link in Google Drive

Photos also available at Each photo is labeled with the Photo #

Match the correct control number to the corresponding photo and either:

Email answers to

Or enter your answers in the survey monkey at

Or self score by waiting for the answers to be published here on Nov 29th

Score an extra 10 points for each correct photo as well as 20points for each control.

Visit controls in ANY order

Answers and results published during the VICO AGM on November 29 at 7pm (see website for details)

Use MapRunF: Scoring – 20 points for each control + 10 points for each correct photo. -10 points for each minute over 90mins

#1 - Print a map at home and use the MapRunF app to beep when you reach a control point. This is the closest to real orienteering. The printable map is posted on this page - please download and print a copy if you want to run with a map.

#2 - Use MapRunF as the map and follow along on the app as you run. Your current GPS position is not shown on the map but it will beep when you reach a control and show it as completed in green.

Here are the steps :

1. Download MapRunF from the App Store / Google Play Store (make sure to download MapRunF, not MapRun)
2. If prompted, enter your name, year of birth, etc.
3. Click "Events Near Me" if you are Downtown or click "Select Event -> Canada -> BC -> Victoria
4. Select the PhotoO course.
5. Click "Go to Start" (Pioneer Square)
6. Run through the Start Triangle on the map to start!
7. Visit each control using either a printed map or the MapRunF app as the map. The app will beep as you hit each control - note - GPS signal in Downtown Victoria seems surprisingly sluggish - it may take a bit of time for the app to register - use the time to locate the photo.

To finish, run through the Finish Circle. Your results will be saved automatically and you can see other runners results


PS - You can check results directly from the app by clicking "Results" or visit and search for "PhotoO"


Be mindful of other pedestrians and road users.

Join us at the 2020 VICO Virtual AGM on November 29th from 7 to 9 pm for the clue answers and results and other orienteering chat.



Photos are from Flickr. To add your photos to this section, tag your Flickr photos with: whyjustrun4291 (all one word)