Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

Map: Thetis Lake Park - West

We now have two new permanent Virtual Orienteering courses set up at Thetis Lake Park! The Events are now live and the printable maps are posted to the right. The Thetis Base map has several updates for increased accuracy!

We are using the "MapRunF" app for iPhone or Android. MapRunF uses GPS to detect your location and virtually punch the controls. The app will automatically mark the control control point as completed and make a loud audible beep.

There are two ways you can enjoy these virtual orienteering courses:

#1 - Print a map at home and use the MapRunF app to beep when you reach a control point. This is the closest to real orienteering. The printable map is posted on this page - please download and print a copy if you want to run with a map.

#2 - Use MapRunF as the map and follow along on the app as you run. Your current GPS position is not shown on the map but it will beep when you reach a control and show it as completed in green.

Here are the steps :

1. Download MapRunF from the App Store / Google Play Store (make sure to download MapRunF, not MapRun)
2. If prompted, enter your name, year of birth, etc.
3. Click "Events Near Me" if you are near Thetis Lake or click "Select Event -> Canada -> BC -> Victoria
4. Select the Thetis Lake Aug 2020 Long (or Short) course.
5. Click "Go to Start" (Start location is at the Main Beach)
6. Run through the Start Triangle on the map to start!
7. Visit each control using either a printed map or the MapRunF app as the map. The app will beep as you hit each control.

To finish, run through the Finish Circle. Your results will be saved automatically and you can see other runners results


PS - You can check results directly from the app by clicking "Results" or visit and search for "Thetis"

PS - The Advanced Course has a leg from 12-13 that has a tricky part - As a result the course requires a PIN to ensure that people are made aware of the danger before running the course - please email us at for the PIN code




Course Maps




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