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Easy Course

Organizers: Scott Sheldrake (Event Director), Chris Ling (Course Planner)

Map: Beaver Lake

This year's Determinator Series will be done virtually using the MapRunF app. The first course map will be released here on June 1st. You can do the course any time at your leisure. At the end of the week we will save all results and reveal the map for Determinator #2, then #3 and so on. Our plan is to release one course a week for 4 weeks, then close the courses in anticipation of the FINAL determinator in the 5th week!

*** IMPORTANT Waiver Info *** : You must be a club member and have signed a waiver to participate. If you have already signed a waiver at a previous event in 2020 then no action is needed. If you are not a current paid member for 2020, please register online using the Zone4 link here :
Membership is free for first timers and $5 per year for returning members.

Determinator #1

Location : Determinator #1 will be located at Beaver Lake. Downloadable map will be posted here June 1st - or contact us to request a printable PDF copy via email.

Format : We will keep the style of the event the same as past years - short fast courses in the GOAT format (where you visit the controls in order but you are allowed to skip any ONE control of your choosing) - but this year we will maintain the ultimate in social distancing by using the MapRunF app.

We are using the "MapRunF" app for iPhone or Android. MapRunF uses GPS to detect your location and virtually punch the controls. The app will automatically mark the control control point as completed and make a loud audible beep.

Instructions :

There are two ways you can enjoy this virtual orienteering course:

#1 - Print a map at home and use the MapRunF app to beep when you reach a control point. This is the closest to real orienteering. The printable map is posted on this page - please download and print a copy if you want to run with a map.

#2 - Use MapRunF as the map and follow along on the app as you run. Your current GPS position is not shown on the map but it will beep when you reach a control and show it as completed in green.

Here are the steps :

1. Download MapRunF from the App Store / Google Play Store (make sure to download MapRunF, not MapRun)
2. If prompted, enter your name, year of birth, etc.
3. Click "Events Near Me" if you are near Beaver Lake, or click "Select Event -> Canada -> BC -> Victoria
4. Select the "Determinator #1" course or the "Determinator #1 Easy" course for kids.
5. Click "Go to Start"
6. Run through the Start Triangle on the map to start!
7. Visit each control using either a printed map or the MapRunF app as the map. The app will beep as you hit each control.

To finish, run through the Finish Circle. Your results will be saved automatically and you can see other runners results.`
After running the course please email : and we will adjust your handicap time for the next race.

**** REMEMBER TO SKIP ONE CONTROL! Determinator uses the GOAT format - Do the controls in order, but SKIP ANY ONE CONTROL OF YOUR CHOOSING! ***

**** Please Note : When moving at high speed GPS becomes less accurate - you may find that you have to slow down at a control in order for the app to register your correct location. There are a few controls that are pickier than others. If you simply cannot get a control to punch, please fire us an email and we'll make sure to manually adjust your results.


You can check to see who has run this event directly from the app by clicking "Results" or visit and search for "Determinator" - The results in the app will say "MisPunch" for all participants because of the GOAT format where you skip one control, but we will adjust this at the final". All results for this week will be posted on the VICO page at the start of next week (June 8th).



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