Organizer: Larry Gagnon (Event Director)

DATE: Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

TIME: Registration from 12 noon. Mass start at 1PM.

LOCATION: Camp Thunderbird. Take Highway 14 (Sooke Road) towards Sooke. 400m west of the 17 Mile Pub turn north up Glinz Lake Road. Follow the O signs to the Glinz Lake area parking. The drive is about 50 minutes from central Victoria.

EVENT TYPE: 3 hour score orienteering with mass start. Course closes at 4PM. Extra points for distant controls. Reduced points for being late. You MUST carry a whistle and a compass on this event and must return to the finish before 4PM. Safety bearing is south.

Our Camp Thunderbird map encloses a wild and wonderful part of the Sooke Wilderness area with lots of terrain challenges and a great variety of control locations, some of which are just off some challenging trail systems and others in more secluded wild areas of the map. It is our best area for a longer 3 hour event which will give the orienteer many challenges.

The Victoria Orienteering Club is now having to contribute significant fee to use this YMCA area so please do make use of this amazing club-subsidised event. We are maintaining our usual entry fee and literally paying for you to enjoy yourself ;-) . Please come out to this amazing event and have your navigation and route planning skills truly tested.

Beginners: do not be put off the above description. There is a large area around Glinz Lake that enable easier navigation to picturesque control sites - so there is something for all orienteering skill levels on this map.

The event will be typical score orienteering: locate as many controls as possible, in any order, within the 3 hour time limit. You need not use the full 3 hours if you just wish to visit a few controls. Some of the more distant controls will be worth more points than the closer in controls in order to encourage all.

(Due to the large map area I really would love to have a couple of volunteers help to retrieve controls after the event. Please contact me if you feel able to assist with this ).


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