Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)


All done for the year and congratulations to Larry Squire who, with his ability to move unscathed through the thickest bush, is the 2019 DETERMINATOR. Finishing 7 and 9 minutes respectively behind him were Marie and Linda. I guess that they'll be comparing splits for a while.

The actual run times show a close race between Scott, Andrey and Roger. There was also Avery who held the lead until he ran into problems at #10

Actual run times can be found here

Splits can be found here

Many thanks to all those who either arrived early to set up, stayed late to clear up or both

Routegadget is now available. Plug in your own route and check other peoples. Click here to access You'll need to drag the image to the right in order to see the map

VICO presents : DETERMINATOR #5 - This is the final event in a 5-week series known as "The Determinator". This VICO classic is one of our most popular events of the year, and not to be missed! It is not required to have participated in previous weeks to attend.

Where : Thetis West Lake - North end of Bellamy Road - see map below

Cost : $8 plus the cost of an SI stick rental if you do not own one ($2)

What to bring : Yourself, and good trail running shoes!

Pre-Registration : Please pre-register if you plan on attending the event. This is not mandatory however it helps us know how many maps to print! Simply click on the "+ Register" button to the right.

Organizers notes - very important

Firstly, a request. CRD requires that we do not take dogs off trail. So please, leave your four legged friends at home. Sorry, but that’s a price we pay for using this great area.

Secondly, another request. Registration will open 5:45 - 6:15. Please be well on time in order that we can start at 6:30

Some notes re handicaps

  1. If this is your first Determinator of the year you’ll have a handicap of 1 and will start last
  2. If you have been competing as part of a group and you choose to run this event on your own, you won’t get the group handicap – you’ll be using the handicap you’ve earned in any races you’ve run solo in this series

The format for the final is different from earlier events:

  1. Visit all controls in sequence – NO skipping
  2. Start times will be set in advance (see below) with the higher handicap runners starting at 6:30. Lower handicap runners follow and will have to catch the earlier starters in order to win. The first runner back can brag about being the “2019 DETERMINATOR”.
  3. If you want to start earlier than your assigned start time you can do so but won’t be eligible for the DETERMINATOR title

There will be two courses offered, both will use a scale of 1:7,500 - be warned:


This course is technically difficult, more so than any of the Determinator courses this year and will involve off-trail navigation between controls. About 3.0km


All controls will be off trail and will need careful navigation but there will be more options between controls for avoiding the heavier vegetation. About 2.1km. Start before 7:00pm

Choosing a course

If your handicap is 2 or more OR you have doubts about your ability to complete the Determinator before 8:30pm eg you had trouble at Determinater #4 , you must run the Short course. You’ll enjoy it more and it will allow us to clear things up before it gets dark

The courses will close at 8:30 so please be back by then even if it means skipping some controls.

Sorry, we won’t be able to offer instruction to newcomers – our crew will be tied up with the more complicated start.


Start times are here


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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