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Organizer: Scott Sheldrake (Event Director)

Our annual terrifying Halloween Spook-O event is back, with a slightly new format : Score-O - Controls can be collected in any order - collect as many as you dare.. This year, once again it will take place in the formidable forests of Uplands Park after dusk.

If you are brave enough to participate, we have prepared two courses :

#1 - Regular Course - Score O format - approx 2.5 km - 3km through the haunted forests of Uplands Park. Suited for those who have run an orienteering event before and lived to tell about it. The distance noted is the distance between controls measured as the crow flies; expect to travel much further, or for all eternity.

#2 - Kids Course - a 500 metre (1/2 km) short course. For those new to orienteering and furthest from the grave, this course features controls located safely on trails in lit areas or on prominent features. Access and navigation will be straight forward using the map. Chances of survival are moderate to high.


$5 for Junior participants, $8 for Adults. This event will include SportIdent (SI) Timing. SI Sticks will be available for rent for $2. Fee is per map - if you wish to team up, teams may share 1 map and one SI stick. We don't blame you.

What to Bring :
Warm clothes suitable for running for your life through the dark. A sturdy headlamp or flashlight <--- Very important - It may be responsible for keeping you alive.

In the main Uplands Park parking lot, inside the white Victoria Orienteering tent. Look for large glowing tent, a safe zone with hot chocolate and candy. Enjoy the pleasures this life has to offer. Registration starts at 6:45 pm.

From 7pm

Course Closure:
8:30pm. Please return to the Start/Finish area before 8:45pm or we will assume the worst.



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