Organizer: Tobi Gardner (Event Director)


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This will be a classic "B" meet with four course options, this event is suitable for those new to orienteering and experienced orienteers.

Registration begins at 12:30 pm, staggered starts from 1:00 pm, course closure at 4:00 pm

**Leg protection recommended**


Course 1 - Best for those new to orienteering. Controls on prominent features on trail or in open areas, footwork is on trails, 2.3 km.

Course 2 - Intermediate-level. Controls on prominent features, footwork is primarily on trail, minor compass work, route choice is modest, moderate physical challenge, 2.8 km.

Course 3 - Ideal for experienced orienteers. Route choice is plentiful and footwork is a mix of trail and relatively open forest...;) Modest elevation change. Compass required, 4.4 km.

Course 4 - Ideal for experienced orienteers. A little longer, more navigation, and a little more wild than Course 3, 4.7 km.

Cost: $8 entry for adults, $5 for youth, $2 sport-IDent rental, $5 compass rental

Registration location is at the picnic area near the main beach.

To ensure we have sufficient maps, please pre-register (by clicking +REGISTER on the right) if you are coming.

An SI stick is required - bring your own or rent one for $2.

VICO Membership required - if this is your first time trying Orienteering, membership is free for the first year. Renewing members, membership is $5 per year.

Please ask at registration if you would like a brief intro or refresher on orienteering "how-to's".

Parking is available at the main parking lot, fees are $2.25. Overflow parking lot on Six Mile Road adjacent to the Galloping Goose trail.

Directions: From the main parking lot, walk in on the trail to the beach. Registration will be at the picnic area on the left, off the beach area, adjacent to the park access road. Follow the orienteering flags and look for the white VICO orienteering tent.


Course Maps

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