Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

It's over!

The 2018 Determinator series is history and the organizers can sit back and relax. Larry Gagnon wins the title for this year closely followed by a bunch of others. See below for the first six to cross the line. All closely packed so it seems that the handicapping system is working.

  1. Larry Gagnon 19:46:11
  2. Chris MacDonald 19:47:20
  3. Andrew Knowlton 19:47:24
  4. Alea Mills 19:47:33
  5. Larry Squire 19:49:00
  6. Andrey Polyanov 19:49:43

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Welcome to the 2018 Determinator final!

Firstly, a request. CRD requires that we do not take dogs off trail. So please, leave your four legged friends at home. Sorry, but that’s a price we pay for using this great area.

Secondly, another request. Registration will open at 5.45. Please be well on time in order that we can start at 6:30

Thirdly, a warning. There is very limited parking so please carpool as much as possible

Fourthly, you must carry a whistle to be used in the case of injury. They are available at registration

Some notes re handicaps

  1. If this is your first Determinator of the year, you’ll have a handicap of 1 and will start last
  2. If you have been competing as part of a group and you choose to run this event on your own, you won’t get the group handicap – you’ll be using the handicap you’ve earned in any races you’ve run solo in this series

The format for the final is different from earlier events:

  1. Visit all controls – NO skipping
  2. Start times will be set in advance (to be published after event 4) with the higher handicap runners starting at 6:30. Lower handicap runners follow and will have to catch the earlier starters in order to win. The first runner back can brag about being the “2018 DETERMINATOR”.
  3. If you want to start earlier than your assigned start time, you can do so but won’t be eligible for the DETERMINATOR title

There will be three courses offered:


This course is technically difficult, more so than any of the Determinator courses this year and will involve off-trail navigation between controls. About 3.2km


Most controls will be off trail and will need careful navigation but there will be more options between controls for avoiding the heavier vegetation. About 2.1km. Start before 7:00pm


This is a shorter version of the Short course and avoids most of the green areas. About 1.4km. Start before 7.00pm.

Choosing a course

If your handicap is 2 or more or you have doubts about your ability to complete the Determinator before 8:15pm, you must run the Short or White course – you’ll probably enjoy it more and it will allow us to clear things up before it gets dark

The courses will close at 8:15 so please be back by then even if it means skipping some controls.

Sorry, we won’t be able to offer instruction to newcomers – our crew will be tied up with the more complicated start.

Start list

These times only apply to runners on the Determinator course. Runners on the Short or White course can start any time between 6.00 and 7.00. Runners on the Determinator course can start earlier if they wish but won't be eligible for the coveted Determinator award

Click here for Start List


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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