Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)

Map: Beacon Hill Park

We are excited to bring you this year's installment of the Determinator Series, running five Wednesday evenings in a row starting May 9.

These events are short and fast and increase in difficulty week by week. Each week, we offer a short course and a Determinator course. Prizes are awarded at the end of each race, and we calculate handicaps every week to even the playing field. The final event in Week 5 is a handicap-adjusted staggered start for a race to the finish to become this year's Determinator.

COST: $8 per map plus $2 for Sport Ident rental. All runners must be members of VICO; you can join at the event.

FORMAT: Determinator races use the goat format, a mass start race where controls must be located in sequential order, but you can choose to skip any one control.

WHEN: May 9, 16, 23, 30 and June 6. Registration between 6:00 to 6:45 pm; mass start at 7:00 pm.

WHERE: Beacon Hill Park.Parking lot near the petting zoo.

Determinator 2: Results!

Thanks everyone for another great Determinator turn out. In terms of speed Andrey was pipped to the post this week by Brett Carter who came in 15 secs faster at 17.45. Third place on time was Adrian Low with 18.32. But none of them made the Determinator placings.

First this week on Handicap was Leah Hall. Congratulations Leah!

See you all at High Rock in Esquimalt next week.

Run timeHandicapAdjusted timeSkippedNew handicap
1Leah Hall28.162.2512.3471.92
2Kim Taylor29.512.2513.1681.97
3Brent Hall21.31.5813.36111.40
4Heather Simpson19.571.4114.0981.27
5Larry Gagnon27.31.9114.24111.73
6Brett Carter17.451.1914.55111.10
7Natalie Work27.031.7315.3881.63
8Doug Bakewell20.171.2616.0681.20
9Tobi Gardner20.021.2216.25111.17
10Ronan Ling34.42.1116.26112.03
11Lani Trenouth35.052.0816.52112.03
12Larry Squire37.282.1717.1682.14
13Adrian Low18.321.0717.1941.06
14Avery Gottfried19.221.1117.2741.10
15Rick Beil25.371.4517.4081.45
16Tamara van Lieshout25.241.4217.53111.43
17Andrey Polyakov181.0018.00111.01
18Scott Sheldrake20.251.1018.34111.13
19Team Earle19.141.0019.14111.08
20Family Curry43.332.2519.2182.25
21Claire Rettie44.322.2519.4882.25
22John Downey19.541.0019.5481.12
23Jade Carter21.121.0021.1241.19
24Magdalena Bazalova30.11.3322.41111.51
25Ben Isitt24.481.0024.48111.40
26Lana Wear46.161.6727.42112.14
27Michelle Blake29.381.0029.38111.67
28Linda Hildebrandt30.531.0030.5381.74
29Marie Burgess32.291.0032.2981.83
30Jessica Woollard34.261.0034.2681.94
31Lysanne + Krista39.241.0039.2402.22
32Richard Lay45.051.0045.0502.25
33Artos + Simon49.441.0049.4482.25
34Kathleen Birney55.371.0055.3702.25
Lisa FehrDNF2.25-02.25
Run time
1Chloe + Bianca37.59


Course Maps

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