Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)

Map: Royal Roads University Campus


Thanks everyone for coming out to our Royal Roads Score-O. Special thanks to Leigh for help with hanging controls and handling all the SI. We enjoyed some great weather and a close finish with Toby edging out Brett with some strategic route planning. It has been revealed that the movie shoot was actually the start of Amazing Race Canada, which was happening at the same time in front of the castle. Thanks for all the help picking up controls - it was truly a group effort!

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Update (20 Apr) - due to a movie shoot on campus, we had to condense our event to the south end of the campus. The range of controls had to be shortened a bit as a result, and we will be dropping the 90 min time limit for the advanced courses. The event should still be fun and challenging for all levels of orienteers. More update info below.

Enjoy the beautiful woods surrounding the Royal Roads Campus with a map. This event will be organized around a Score-O format. In a Score-O, control flags can be collected in any order within a given time limit. The object of a Score-O will be to find as many controls flags as possible and return to the finish within the time limit of 60 minutes. Overdue participants will incur a penalty for each minute late.

This event will feature two course options:

Score-O Easy - Controls are on or near trails or prominent landmarks. Navigation should be easy. Great for those new to orienteering, families and those who don't want to be out too long. 60 minute time-limit.

Score O Advanced - Controls in more challenging off-trail locations. Navigation may require some compass work. Great for those who want to challenge themselves by travelling cross-country and covering greater distances between controls. Note: Not recommended for those new to orienteering. 60 minute time-limit.

Registration: 12:30 - 1:00 pm. At the Cedar Building.

Directions: From the main gate, take the first right turn at the intersection follow West Campus Road all the way down towards the recreation centre. Turn right on College Drive. The Cedar building should be in front of you. Signage will be posted to help guide you in.

Parking: Is available at the Cedar Building or the Recreation Centre. Cost is $1 per hour. Parking meters are located by Recreation Centre only.

Note: Please pre-register online in advance of the event to make sure sufficient maps will be available.

Please make sure to arrive in plenty of time to register. There will be a mass start at 1:00 pm ! Depending on volume of participants, there may be an option of a later mass start of 1:15 pm. Sorry, no individual start options as this will just confuse us.

Location: Royal Roads - Cedar Building (Start)

Cost: Adults $8, Youth (19 and under) $5 Youth will need to be accompanied by a supervising adult. Sport Ident Rental: $2


Course Maps

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