Organizer: Richard Lay (Event Director)

Training Day and Armchair-O ( Thursday April 12 and Sunday April 15)

An Armchair O is an informal session for Orienteers to mingle, exchange ideas, learn, and do some Orienteering exercises.

Exercises may be anything from recognizing control sheet symbols to photo-O and map memory and exercises stressing techniques.

In the training session on Thursday you will plan your routes and on the Sunday you will run the routes you have planned.

Route Planning

For the Thursday April 12th training session we will have an Armchair-O at Richard Lay's house in Central Saanich We will emphasize route choice and execution of your route plan which will include identifying features (particularly contours) that affect the route choice and finding the orienteering tactics and skills (rough compass, handrails, aiming off, contouring..) necessary to execute.

Different Levels, Different Terrain, Careful Plans

There will be a variety of orienteering legs for you to build a plan from; for all levels of orienteers and for some variations of terrain.

Study the leg, draw the routes, write the needed skills, state the risks, learn

Catching Features

The orienteering legs will also be loaded into the orienteering software ‘Catching Features’ and you can actually run your plan on the computer.

Real Orienteering at Thetis

On Sunday April 15 the same legs will be available for you to run in real time and you can see how well you execute. Finally you will be asked to do a similar leg where you have to plan end execute after the clock starts. Has the learning made a difference?

Access will be at Bellamy Road.

Please sign up on the website so we can prepare maps for you.

If you can, be sure to register so I know how many maps to make. Please call Richard Lay at 250 652 3750 if you have any questions.


Course Maps

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