Organizers: Brett Carter (Event Director), Magdalena Bazalova-Carter (Event Director)

Cost: $5 for Junior participants, $8 for Adults. This event will include SportIdent Timing. SI Sticks will be available for rent for $2.

Registration and Parking: At the oval (Parking Lot P4) just off University Drive near the entrance to the campus. Look for large feather flags indicting start/finish. Registration starts at 12:15 pm. Parking is $1 per hour.

Starts: from 12:45pm

Course Closure: 3:00pm, please return to the Finish before 3:00pm.

  • Course 1 (Beginner) 2.3 km - 10 control flags will be on-trail or slightly off-trail on very prominent objects.
  • Course 2 (Intermediate) 3.1 km - 12 control flags will be on-trail and some off-trail (within 50 m of trail) with obvious route choice.
  • Course 3 (Intermediate - Advanced) 3.6 km - 15 control flags will be mostly off-trail. More route choice and some compass work required.
  • Course 4 (Advanced) 5.7 km - 15 controls off-trail and in challenging terrain, lots of route choice, most physically demanding course.


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Course Maps

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