Another Determinator series is over and Chris Ling can brag about being the 2017 DETERMINATOR! Starting from the middle of the pack he ran in about 8 mins before Andrey who, despite a blistering run of about 33 mins, could not overcome his start at the back. Linda followed in a comfortable third place.

On the Short course, there must be a special shout out to Michelle Blake, who took first place in spite of this being her first time running on her own.

An apology to the leaders in the Determinator, in that I didn’t properly acknowledge their achievements after the event. Please pick up your awards at the Aylard Farms event – they’ll be in the cash box.

Finally, thanks to my band of helpers – Gill for organizing the start, picking up controls and putting up with me, Tobi for registration, start and download and Diana for somehow combining registration and instruction. Plus, of course, John, Andrew and Andrey for collecting controls.


Three sets of results are available.

Because of the staggered start, where the low handicap runners had to catch up and the first runner back can claim the title of 2017 DETERMINATOR, the most important results are the finish times.

Determinator Final 2017
Finish time
1Chris Ling 19:44:34
2Andrey Polyakov 19:52:10
3Linda Hildebrandt 19:57:08
4David Sharpe 19:57:24
5Jana Kyclova 19:57:42
6Curtis Whittla 19:57:51
7Marie Burgess 19:58:02
8John Downey 20:01:27
9Larry Gagnon 20:02:08
10Andrew Knowlton 20:07:49
11Roger MacLeod 20:08:01
12Larry Squire 20:14:06
13Ben Isitt 20:15:35

Other times of interest are the actual run times and the splits.

Click here for actual run times

Click here for splits

Welcome to the 2017 Determinator final!

Firstly, a request. CRD requires that we do not take dogs off trail. So please, leave your four legged friends at home. Sorry, but that’s a price we pay for using this great area.

Secondly, another request. Registration will open at 6:00. Please be well on time in order that we can start at 6:30

The format for the final is different from earlier events:

  1. Visit all controls – NO skipping
  2. Start times will be set in advance (see below) with the higher handicap runners starting at 6:30. Lower handicap runners follow and will have to catch the earlier starters in order to win. The first runner back can brag about being the “2017 DETERMINATOR”.
  3. If this is your first Determinator of the year, you’ll have a handicap of 1 and will start last
  4. If you want to start earlier than your assigned start time, you may do so but won’t be eligible for the DETERMINATOR title. We strongly recommend this option for runners who have had problems in past events.Turn up any time after 5:30 - we should be ready for you.

There will be two courses offered:


This course is technically difficult, more so than any of the Determinator courses this year and will involve off-trail navigation between controls. 3.1km


Despite the name it will be about the same length (2.7km) as the Determinator and finding the controls will still need careful navigation. The real difference is that this course will not demand as much off-trail navigation between controls.

If you’ve had problems completing the courses earlier in the year or you have doubts about your ability to complete the Determinator before 8:00pm, we recommend that you run the Short course – you’ll probably enjoy it more

The courses will close at 8:00 so please be back by then even if it means skipping some controls.

Sorry, we won’t be able to offer instruction to newcomers – our crew will be tied up with the more complicated start.

Click here for start times

Note that the list includes everybody who has run on at least one of the 2017 Determinator series.


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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