Organizers: Marie Burgess (Event Director), Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner)

Map: Beaver Lake


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Event Description:

Come join us for an exciting five week series! This first event will take place at Elk/Beaver Lake Park. Make sure to attend this one, so you can be assigned a helpful 'handicap' that will allow you to get on par with the faster runners and compete for first place for subsequent races.

Registration Location: We will be starting at the small parking lot 100 m south of the Rowing Center main parking area. If coming from the south on the Pat Bay Hwy you will need to turn around at the Rowing Center as there is no left turn onto Jennings Lane (short roadway to parking lot) from the highway. Watch for signs.

Two courses will be available:

1 - Beginner Short Course - suitable for those new to the sport looking to try out orienteering for the first time.

2 - Determinator - this first week Determinator will test your concentration skills when starting in a mass start. Navigation will be technically easy, but do expect some interesting route choices. Remember, as per the Determinator Goat O Format (explained below), you are encouraged to follow other competitors (if you can keep up!), and strategically skip one control.

Course Planner Notes: The open field areas of Beaver Lake Park are especially wet this year. Enough to drown a cow. :) All attempts have been made to try and avoid any particularly wet or muddy areas for the course design. Since it is undesirable to run across the open fields, the course will use a special 'remote start' (all will be explained at the event) and stick to the nicer trails sometimes re-crossing some areas. Devious course planning and strategic choices of which control to skip have continued to make this course very interesting. However, unless you are wearing your 'muddy buddies', please do expect to get a bit on the mucky side. I recommend some older O shoes, or preferably some gortex footwear, but don't wear rubber booties - those are hell to run in. - Linda

Registration: 6:30 to 7 pm

Mass Start: Promptly at 7 pm. Those who wish to avoid the over-excitement of the mass start, can choose to start a little earlier or later.

Cost: $8 plus $2 for Sport Ident rental.

2017 Determinator Series

The Determinator is a series of five fun orienteering events aimed at beginners and seasoned orienteers alike and held on Wednesday evenings during the early summer.

COURSES: There will usually be two courses each evening:

  1. Short Course – beginner level, usually 1-2km
  2. The Determinator – a Goat event (see below) with increasing technical difficulty as the series progresses. After each event you’ll be assigned a handicap based on your time compared with the fastest runner. At the following race your time will be divided by your handicap to give an adjusted time. The best adjusted time each evening will earn a token prize. Every race contributes to your handicap for the final race which gives everyone an equal chance at winning the coveted title of “2017 DETERMINATOR”

GOAT FORMAT. A mass start race where controls must be taken in sequential order. But you can choose to skip any one control. The challenge here is to decide which control to skip – it won’t be obvious

COST: $8/map plus $2 SI card rental. All runners must be a member of VICO; you can join at the event.

LOCATIONS: Detailed information will be posted on the web before each event but current plans are:
May 3 - Beaver Lake Park
May 10 - Royal Roads
May 17 - TBA
May 24 - Juan de Fuca
May 31 - Final at West Thetis

NEWCOMERS INSTRUCTION: This may be offered at the discretion of the organizer. Look for details at each event announcement and contact the organizer in advance if you want instruction

WHEN: Usually 6:00 - 6:45 P.M. Registration
6:15 Newcomers instruction and Short Course (beginners can use this as a warm-up)
7:00 Mass Start


Course Maps

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