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Organizer: Chris Ling (Event Director)

Thanks to the hardcore who turned out on a damp Sunday afternoon for this year's photo O. Great run be Ben Isitt who would have won anyway despite admitting to 'guessing' three of the controls.

Mea Culpa on control 9 which was NOT marked in the correct location - blame rain when the planner was taking photo obscuring the details of the map - which is admittedly a feeble excuse. Sorry to all those that lost time for that one.

Downtown Photo O. Using an OpenStreetMap of the Victoria Downtown area this 90min Score event will feature a clue sheet of photos depicting some feature visible at each control site marked on the map. Mass Start at 1pm. Clue sheets and pencils will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own just in case. The event boundaries are Simcoe Street to the south, the Inner Harbour and Montreal Street to the west, Bay Street to the north and Cook street to the east.

Registration : From 12.30pm. Parking: Downtown parking lots. Registration if dry Pioneer Square - if wet Chris's Silver Mazda 5 on Meares Street as near as possible to Pioneer Square

Starts : Mass start 1pm in Pioneer Square

Course : 90min Score event. Course closes at 2.30pm

Cost: $8 per map. Membership required.

Preregistration: To give us an idea of how many maps to print, we’d appreciate it if you could either register for the event on our web site by clicking +REGISTER on the right. We will print maps based on the Start List. Please do register on this website to give us a good idea if you plan to come.

Photo O format: The control description sheet consists of a series of obvious or semi-cryptic photos taken in the centre of the circle on the supplied map. Simply write down the number of the control in the box next to the correct photo.



Photos are from Flickr. To add your photos to this section, tag your Flickr photos with: whyjustrun2426 (all one word)