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Organizer: Roger MacLeod (Event Director)

Final time splits can be found here.

A big thanks to all the helpers who made this event possible. Leigh deserves special recognition for his full day of help with setup, SI system, and event closure. Linda and Marie, thanks for the help with registration and start/finish setup. Scott was a big help on registration and finally a large thanks to Tobi and John who nearly retrieved all the controls at the end of the day.

My apologies to everyone for making this a longer event than originally posted. The terrain at Thetis Lake is about as tough as it gets. Everyone should certainly be able to know they burnt enough calories to enjoy a guilt free Thanksgiving dinner. 

Course 4 enjoyed some close competition for first place. John completed it with the best time of just over an hour. However Scott, who finished second, missed his last control and thus had to go back after hanging out at the finish for a few minutes. Despite having to go back out to punch this control he completed the course just 4 minutes longer than John. Would he have won without his mistake?

Course 2 competitors had excitement of their own with multiple people getting stung on their way to control number 8. 

Map scale: 1:7,500

Courses offered include the following:

Beginner Course - 1.3 km with 7 Controls

For those new to orienteering, this course features controls located on-trail or on prominent features. Access and navigation will be straight forward using the map.

The distance noted above is the distance between controls measured as the crow flies; expect to walk/run just shy of twice this distance.

Intermediate Course – 2.6 km with 9 Controls
For those looking for more of a navigational challenge and slightly longer distance, this course starts with controls on easy trails and moves progressively towards harder to get to controls. More route choice and compass work than the beginner course. This course would be suitable to a beginner with confidence in map reading and interested in a slightly longer course. 

Advanced Short Course – 3.8 km with 13 Controls
For those looking for lots of route choice, challenging terrain but with a shorter distance, this course will feature plenty of map and compass work.

Advanced Long Course – 4.6 km with 16 Controls
For those looking for lots of route choice and a longer distance. Expect one or more short salal crossings and plenty of elevation change. 

Cost:$5 for Junior participants, $8 for Adults. This event will include SportIdent Timing. SI Sticks will be available for rent for $2.

Registration: At a picnic table near the main beach area about 100m back from the water’s edge. Look for large feather flags indicting start/finish. Registration starts at 12:15 pm.

Starts: from 12:45pm

Course Closure: 3:00pm, please return to the Finish before 3:00pm.



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