Organizer: John Downey (Event Director)

Thanks to all who attended this year's Camp Thunderbird Score O event, which ended up having perfect cool dry running weather. This year we zoomed into the newly updated map with a 1 : 5000 scale event spread out over 2 pages of map. There were many very good runs, with 4 of the participants reaching all 35 controls and scoring the maximum 900 points.

Scott pulled off another Camp Thunderbird victory, with Tobi, then Andrew, then Brett following behind, all getting the maximum points. Larry was close to maximum points and was followed by Sandra and Richard.

This year event also feature a 90 minute option, which was won by Mark and Leona, who made it back with just 3 second left. Team Dammon followed closely behind. Those who started out in the 90 minute category, but stayed out on the course longer than 90 minutes were bumped up to the 3 hour category.

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped put on this event. Leigh Bailey ran the SI computer and the results, Scott helped with registration and control pickup, Gill helped with set up, and Tobi, Linda, Marie, Brett and Magdelana helped with control pick up. Thanks again everyone.


Results can be found HERE

Splits can be found here.

The split times won't make much sense but you'll be able to see the sequence in which other runners took the controls


Course Maps

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