Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

Congratulations to Andrew Knowlton, the 2016 Determinator champion! Andrew, despite his late start, was around in about 47 mins to become the first finisher, followed about 20 secs later by Marie Burgess who was chased in by Larry Squire. Andrew also displaced John Downey as the usual fastest runner.

The course was probably too long/difficult for the time available. I’d estimated a winning time of about 35 mins based on previous results and it was obviously too low. A number of competitors found themselves running out of time and opted to cut the course short at control 6. Sara and Sam Stallard led the pack home for this group. Hugo Hoetzel, our 9 year old visitor from Czech Republic, ran a very fast first 6 controls but then decided he’d had enough, otherwise he would have been a clear leader on the shortened course.

Thanks to the helpers on the event – Dennis, for coming out especially to do registration, John at the start and Gill for for running the start, hanging controls, collecting controls and putting up with me.

Results can be found HERE

Split times can be found HERE

ROUTEGADGET is available for this event

For runners who ran the Determinator, you can also enter your route choice on Routegadget. Then you can compare you route with other peoples as well as simulating a head to head race with others.

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