Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Event Director), Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

Event Summary

This event brought out another good showing of competitors.  John led the pack with another fast run based on his actual versus adjusted time. However, when the handicaps were applied Brett Carter came out on top.  This course enticed orienteers to examine many route options, which generated quite a good bit of discussion after the race .   It seems the most popular control to skip was 11, with a couple of sly competitors realizing the advantage of skipping the last control (14) as did Roger and Scott, which jumped them up in their rankings.  Check the splits carefully for which proved to be most advantageous.  Could skipping number 9 also have been an option?   These are the interesting decisions that can come up when using the goat-o format.  Thanks to all the helpers - Diana, Leigh, Gill, Marie and all those who pitched in to pick up controls!   Much appreciated.

Results and new handicaps are here

Splits are here

It is not too late to join in on in this popular series!  All you need to do is attend one race before the final.  Three more weeks to go. Now that the handicaps are being applied this can be anyone's race as long as you have a good run based on your average speed and orienteering ability.  Winners receive a free entry to our next event.

See you at Juan de Fuca next Wednesday.  

Linda Hildebrandt (Event Organizer)

Event Description

This is the second event in the 2016 Determinator series. This event will take place on parts of the Interurban Campus as well as in the interesting forest trails and surrounding playing fields.  This particular Determinator will provide some interesting route choices to ponder.   For general information about the series and the format, please see the extra information listed below the event details.

WHEN: Registration - 6:15 to 6:45

Beginner course can start anytime after registration.  There will be a mass start for the Determinator at 7:00pm, however you can start a bit earlier if you wish to avoid the mass start.  Course closure - 8:00 pm, so we can collect controls before dark!

WHERE:  Camosun Interurban Campus/Layritz Park

Parking will be on the North Side of the Campus in the new parking lot on the left side, after the new building.  When traveling up from the intersection of Interurban and Wilkinson, head past the campus main entrance and take the next road (Markam Road) to the right leading into the north part of the campus and towards the Vancouver Island Technology Park.  Park in the first available parking lot on the left right after the really large impressive looking new building on the left. 

COURSES:   There will be two courses available:

C-1 Short Beginner Course - Less than 2 km.  All controls are on trail.

Determinator Course - Approx 3 km.  Controls will be a mix of urban campus and surrounding wilderness area, on and off trail

COST:   $8 per map plus $2 for Sport Ident stick if needed

See below

2016 Determinator Series

The Determinator is a series of five fun orienteering events aimed at beginners and seasoned orienteers alike and held on Wednesday evenings during the early summer.

COURSES:There will usually be two courses each evening:

  1. Short Course – beginner level, usually 1-2km
  2. The Determinator – a Goat event (see below) with increasing technical difficulty as the series progresses. After each event you’ll be assigned a handicap based on your time compared with the fastest runner. At the following race your time will be divided by your handicap to give an adjusted time. The best adjusted time each evening will earns a token prize. Every race contributes to your handicap for the final race which gives everyone an equal chance at winning the coveted title of “2016 DETERMINATOR”

GOAT FORMAT. A mass start race where controls must be taken in sequential order. But you can choose to skip any one control. The challenge here is to decide which control to skip – it won’t be obvious

COST: $8/map plus $2 SI card rental. All runners must be a member of VICO; you can join at the event

LOCATIONS: Detailed information will be posted on the web before each event but current plans are:
April 20 - UVIC
April 27 - Camosun Interurban/Layritz Park
May 4  - Juan de Fuca

May 11 - Thetis Park West
May 25 - Final at Francis King

NEWCOMERS INSTRUCTION: This may be offered at the discretion of the organizer. Look for details at each event announcement and contact the organizer in advance if you want instruction

WHEN: Usually 6:00 - 6:45 P.M. Registration
6:15 Newcomers instruction and Short Course (beginners can use this as a warm-up)
7:00 Mass Start


Course Maps

No course maps posted yet.


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