Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)


We were blessed with superb weather for our first Determinator of the year and it encouraged 24 runners to come out. The usual trio of John, Andrew and Roger filled the top three Determinator spots while the team of Sara and Sam led the Short field.

Preliminary results are shown below but I need to do a bit of research to sort out times for the two missing teams/runners. And splits should be available by the weekend. The handicap in the results has been calculated from your time compared with the winning time, with a max value of 2.25. Your time in future events will be divided by your handicap to give an adjusted time.

Results and handicaps

Splits are available here

Thanks are due to Dennis and Jeanette for handling registration, Diana for newcomer instruction, Gill for filling in wherever needed and a bunch of folks for control pickup and site cleanup

2016 Determinator Series

The Determinator is a series of five fun orienteering events aimed at beginners and seasoned orienteers alike and held on Wednesday evenings during the early summer. 

COURSES:There will usually be two courses each evening:
Short Course – beginner level, usually 1-2km
The Determinator – a Goat event (see below) with increasing technical difficulty as the series progresses. After each event you’ll be assigned a handicap based on your time compared with the fastest runner. At the following race your time will be divided by your handicap to give an adjusted time. The best adjusted time each evening will earns a token prize. Every race contributes to your handicap for the final race which gives everyone an equal chance at winning the coveted title of “2016 DETERMINATOR”

GOAT FORMAT. A mass start race where controls must be taken in sequential order. But you can choose to skip any one control. The challenge here is to decide which control to skip – it won’t be obvious

COST: $8/map plus $2 SI card rental. All runners must be a member of VICO; you can join at the event

LOCATIONS: Detailed information will be posted on the web before each event but current plans are:
April 20 – UVIC
April 27 – Camosun Interurban/Layritz
May 4 - Juan de Fuca
May 11 – Thetis West
May 25 – Final at Francis King

NEWCOMERS INSTRUCTION: This may be offered at the discretion of the organizer. Look for details at each event announcement and contact the organizer in advance if you want instruction


6:00 - 6:45 P.M. Registration
6:15 Newcomers instruction and Short Course (beginners can use this as a warm-up)
7:00 Mass Start



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