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Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)

Map: Beaver Lake


This event drew a record crowd of over 70 participants, which included close to 40 cadets from six local area cadet units who participated  as part of their annual zone orienteering competition.  The weather was absolutely perfect and the competition for top cadet team was extremely close, with cadets from 676 Air Cadets taking the top spot this year, followed by 3005 Army Cadets and 2843 Army Cadets.   The vast majority of cadets put in some really competitive times and good runs to also take overall top spots in C-1 and C-2.   

In the overall competition, some excellent finishes were also put in by Richard Lay on C-3 and Roger Macleod on C-4, who led a strong group of finishers on our most difficult course.

Unfortunately, two control flags went missing right at the beginning of the event, when they were spirited away by some mystery interloper.  They were quickly replaced when discovered. Apologies for any disruption this may have caused the competitors.  Anyone effected on C-1 was given credit for the missing control.

Lots of thanks to all the helpers, who made this event possible - John and Sara (Registration), Marie (Set-Up, Starts and Control Pick-Up) Leigh and Scott (Sport- Ident Results), and Tobi and Roger (Control pick-up)

Linda Hildebrandt
Course Planner & Organizer

Overall Results by Class

For split times and comparison of run times check - WinSplits

Lost and Found:    A blue/purple Nalgene was left at the picnic table.  It will be brought to the next event.

Location:  Beaver Lake Park - South Parking Lot

Details: The event will be a typical B-level competition event with four courses available to suit orienteers of various experience and abilities. Beginner orienteers are always welcome. Courses have been specifically designed to accommodate junior competitors (cadets aged 12-18), but is open to all members of the public. This a good event for those new to orienteering, and those who wish to challenge themselves by trying the more advanced courses. Courses offered will be as follows:

  • Course 1 (Beginner) approx 2 km - all control flags will be on-trail or slightly off-trail on very prominent objects.
  • Course 2 (Intermediate) approx 2.5 km - control flags will be on-trail and some off-trail (within 30 m of trail) Obvious route choice.
  • Course 3 (Intermediate - Advanced) approx 3.5 km - control flags will be mostly off-trail. More route choice and compass work required.
  • Course 4 (Advanced) approx 4 km - controls off-trail and in challenging terrain, lots of route choice, most physically demanding course.

Cost: $5 for Junior participants $8 for Adults. This event will include Sport Ident (SI) Timing. SI Sticks will be available for rent for $2.

Registration: At the picnic shelter near south parking lot at.  Follow the signs in from the main gate to the registration area.



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