Organizer: Larry Gagnon (Event Director)

Over 90 minutes of almost continuous rain faced the 25 brave souls who chose to be real troopers and take up their Sunday afternoon with a long run,walk, or stroll around the Cordova Ridge area of Saanich. You all came to the finish wet but happy as the sun slowly pushed through the clouds. Thanks for partaking and I hope you enjoyed it despite the weather. NOTE: results below not completely final - still have one answer sheet missing.

Jeremy Lawrence86:4528
Sandra Hardy89:0124
Scott Sheldrake97:2723
Andrew Knowlton88:1522
Jade Carter86:2519
Linda Hildebrandt90:0517
Theresa Leask91:3017
Marie Burgess79:1512
Lani & Leigh85:0413
Mark Brown83:2512
Jessica Woollard83:2712
Valerie Ziegler92:0911
Kim, Bob, Lorne, Andrea90:0913
Diana Hocking91:2811
Team Pottinger81:589
Christine and Kelly65:006
Eby Family50:005


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