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Organizer: Leigh Bailey (Event Director)

Map: Beaver Lake

2015 Determinator #2 – May 6


A great evening weather-wise drew a good crowd and I hope everybody had an enjoyable time. Toby Gardner certainly did by having one of the fastest runs and this, combined with a 1.78 handicap from last week resulted in an adjusted time of just under 10 mins! The usual front runners of John, Frode and Roger were also well to the fore. And Valerie continues to lead the Short course pack

Full results showing adjusted times and latest handicaps will be posted shortly. Split times are available at the link below but bear in mind that the splits around the skipped control will be weird.

Beaver Lake Winsplits

Det #2 Overall Results and New Handicap

A couple of notes:

We are still having trouble in displaying splits for runners who use the newer SI cards. Splits are printed correctly by the on-site printer but it won’t transfer them to a PC for display on the web. We’re working on this but the only option for the moment is to borrow one of the club’s older cards. Sorry about that.

CRD Parks, who manage many of the areas we use, has come up with an on-trail only policy. Chris Ling is negotiating to get some relaxation on this but it probably won’t be resolved until the Determinator series is over. So you’ll find courses that are less challenging than usual for the last couple of events

My thanks to Patricia, David and Sasha for their help at registration and my better half, Gill, for filling in wherever needed

Watch our web site for details of Determinator #3 at Juan de Fuca 



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