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Organizer: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner)


The ever popular 5-week Determinator Series is back for 2015!

This series uses the GOAT format (skip any one control) and tracks a running handicap through the 5 events

Event Summary

The Determinator series was off to a great start with close to 20 competitors taking part in the first race at UVIC and surrounding area.  The finish was an extremely tight race with Roger MacLeod in the lead with a time of 15:59, followed very closely by John Downey, Frode Seland and Andrew Knowlton who all finished mere seconds apart.

It seems control 7 became the most popular control to skip amongst several choices.  The overall results and new handicap for next week's race have been posted here.  The application of the handicap will determine next week's results with all competitors having a great shot at winning the race. 

Det #1 Overall Results and New Handicap

Split times are now available in WinSplits at the link below.  Apologies for our small glitch with the start timer at the event, which made it difficult to provide on the spot results. Leigh, our SportIdent expert, with some fancy technical expertise was able to reconstruct a start time, that would should provide everyone a fair result.  Some quick notes:  Hans and Gilbert's time is reflected under Martin-Damman, and Marie's winsplits are missing, because her new generation SI stick unfortunately did not mesh with our old software.  However, she is listed in the overall results. And last, some split results can look a little funky due to the skipped control.  


We hope to see everyone at the next Determinator at Beaver Lake Park on May 6th.  New starters welcome.  It is not too late to get in on the series.  Don't miss out.

Linda Hildebrandt 
Event Director/Course Planner

2015 Determinator #1 – April 29

This event will take place at the University of Victoria campus area. Beginners are welcome. Please arrive early, identify yourself at registration and we will organize a quick beginner clinic for you.

Registration:  Registration and Start/Finish is at Frank Hobbs School located at 3875 Haro Street.  The school is located north-east of the UVIC Campus and can be accessed via Arbutus Road.  Please see map below.  Please park on the street if possible, as the gate to the school grounds may be closed.

Starts: Determinator mass start 7:00pm.  Please arrive by 6:45 pm to give time to register and take part in the mass start. Individual starts for the Determinator and Short course 6:30 to 7:00. Course closure 8:00 – we need to pick up controls before dark

Courses: There will be two levels of courses. Both will have controls close to trails although the Determinator will offer the most route choice.

  • Short – about  1.6 km. Visit all controls and in sequence
  • Determinator – about 2.6 km. Goat-O format.  Visit controls in sequence but one control can be skipped. The challenge here is deciding which one to skip while trying to keep up with (or get ahead of) the pack.

Awards and Handicaps: There will be a token award for the winner (adjusted for handicap) of the Determinator each week. For this first event of the year you will have a handicap of 1. Your future handicaps will be based on your time compared with the winner’s.

Bring: a compass and whistle (mandatory). Wear clothing that is suitable for running and sturdy shoes.  Depending on weather, some trails may be muddy.

SI: We’ll be using Sport-Ident punching. Bring your stick or $2 to rent one

Cost: $8 per map for adults, $5 for juniors (19 and under). Membership required. (Free for first-time participants)

Preregistration: To give us an idea of how many maps to print, we’d appreciate it if you could either register for the event on our web site or contact Pre-registration isn’t mandatory – it’s just helpful to us if you do let us know in advance. We’ll have spare maps for “drop-ins”   However, if we are short maps, those who have pre-registered will be given preference.

More info on exact course length and location to register coming soon!



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