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Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)

Event Summary:

Over 50 competitors attended the B-Meet at Royal Roads including cadets from five local cadet units and junior competitors from as far away as Courtney.  We also had some special visitors from GVOC in Vancouver (Magnus and Andrea) who came into town for one last orienteering meet in Victoria before moving to Sweden in June.  

Top times on each course were posted by Cadet Joshua Ralphs on C-1, the cadet team of Torres and Gardiner on C-2, Austin Bowles on C-3 and Magnus Johansson on C-4.  This year's cadet competition attracted close to 20 cadet competitors.  Times posted demonstrated that the extra training is paying off and the cadet teams are becoming very competitive.   In the end, the team from 2483 PPCLI Army Cadets placed first.  In second was the team from 848 Royal Roads Squadron Air Cadets, and the third placed team was from 3005 Army Cadets in Victoria. 

Special thanks to all the volunteers who assisted in making this event possible.  Leigh and Gil spent the day helping out with set up and take down, managed the sport ident results, and taught beginners.  John Downey took care of the registration, and Scott Sheldrake got everyone started in hopefully the right direction. Sara and Sam pitched in at the end and helped with control pick-up.

Overall results and split times are listed below-

Royal Roads 12 April 2015 Overall.html

Royal Roads 12 April 2015 Splits.html

Location:  Royal Roads University Campus. 

Details:  The event will be a typical B-level competition event with four courses available to suit orienteers of various experience and abilities.  Beginner orienteers are always welcome.  Courses have been specifically designed to accommodate junior competitors (cadets aged 12-18), but is open to all members of the public.  This a good event for those new to orienteering, and those who wish to challenge themselves by trying the more advanced courses.  Courses offered will be as follows:

  • Course 1 (Beginner)  approx 2 km - all control flags will be on-trail or slightly off-trail on very prominent objects.
  • Course 2 (Intermediate) approx 2.5 km - control flags will be on-trail and some off-trail (within 30 m of trail) Obvious route choice.
  • Course 3 (Intermediate - Advanced) approx 3.5 km - control flags will be mostly off-trail.  More route choice and compass work required.
  • Course 4 (Advanced)  approx 4 km - controls off-trail and in challenging terrain, lots of route choice, most physically demanding course.

Cost:  $5 for Junior participants $8 for Adults.  This event will include SportIdent Timing.  SI Sticks will be available for rent for $2.

Registration:  At the parking area / sportsfield near the tennis courts near the main entrance.  Enter RRU campus through main gate and take the first turn to the right. Follow the signs in to the registration area.



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