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Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Marie Burgess (Event Director)


It was a rather rainy day, but this did not dampen the spirits of the 30+ participants who braved the elements and came out to the UVIC Event.  Along with some regular and new club members, we also had a particularly large contingent of cadets representing four separate cadet units in the Victoria area, who were hoping to get in some good practice time in preparation for their Junior Festival scheduled for 12 April.  Looks like there are some good rivalries going on.  John Downey smoked the C-1 Course (because he accidentally grabbed the C-1 instead of the C-2 map!), and Curtis Whittla and Cedric Torres put in a really good run on the C-2 Advanced course.   A special thank you to the Sea Cadets (who  came out to enjoy their very first orienteering experience) and brought an awesome tent.  This extra shelter was really appreciated during the worst of the downpour! 

Results are available by both overall finish times and with split times, to get an overall picture of which controls proved to be the most challenging. Apologies for those who were on the advanced course, and did not get a result for control 4.  All results have been adjusted so this control would not cause a mis-punch.  Big thank you to the helpers - Leigh for map printing and SI results, Nicole for registration, and Marie for doing just about everything else.

Linda Hildebrandt, Course Planner/Organizer

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Description:  Come and enjoy the varied and interesting terrain offered on the UVIC campus, one of our favourite places to orienteer.   This event will  feature two classic point-to-point courses - beginner and advanced.  This is a great training event for those new to orienteering with a short instructional clinic available to help you get started.   Experienced orienteers will be able to challenge themselves on the advanced course by participating in a sprint-style course format, which offers the potential for some fast orienteering requiring quick decision-making based on multiple route choices. 

  • Beginner - approx. 2.4 km.  Easy terrain, obvious route choice
  • Advanced - approx 3.4 km.  Easy terrain, longer, lots of route choice and direction changes requiring fine map reading.

This event is a good lead-up training event for those planning on attending the B-Meet planned for April 12th.  Cadet groups are welcome.  Please pre-register here to guarantee a printed map.  Extra's will be printed, but may be available in limited quantity.   

This event will employ the Sport Ident electronic timing system.  Bring your SI Stick or rent one for $2

Location:   Registration will be in the south east corner of Parking Lot 6 on the UVIC Campus near the entrance of Finnerty Gardens.  For a campus map showing the parking lots, click here:

Registration:  1200 - 1300 hrs

Starts:  commencing at 1245 hrs

Beginner Clinic:  1245 hrs,  Please identify yourself at registration, if you would like an introduction to orienteering.

Cost:  $8 for adults, $5 for juniors (Age 19 and under), Rental of Sport Ident finger stick: $2.  Membership is mandatory.  Membership fee for newcomers: free.  Returning members: $5




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