Organizer: Linda Hildebrandt (Organizer)

Map: Beaver Lake

Event Report

Despite the rainy conditions, approximately 45-50 participants turned up for this event.  The two available courses were enjoyed by all, and lots of excitement was generated by the draw for a free compass.  Overall, this was a very successful turn-out for this event put on by CRD Parks and assisted by the Victoria Orienteering Club.  I would like to thank the volunteers, who assisted at this event:   Leigh Bailey, Diana Hocking, Chris Ling, Marie Burgess and Scott Sheldrake.  All volunteers provided assistance at the start and finish along with beginner instruction to help everyone get off to a good start.  Without these dedicated volunteers this event would not have achieved the success that it did.  Thanks also to Heather Chatwin form CRD Parks for giving the VicO Club the opportunity to make the public more aware of how much fun orienteering can be.

Linda Hildebrandt

Event Details

This special event is put on by CRD Parks (not VICO) as an introduction to Orienteering geared towards the whole family.  However, VIcO is assisting CRD Parks at this event.   If you have children or wish to introduce someone new to orienteering, this is a great easy event for those wanting to learn about orienteering.   There will be two beginner courses available.  A Course-1 Short (1.9 km) and a Course-1 Long (2.5 km).  All newcomers will be offered some beginner instruction.

Time:  1100 am - 2 pm

Location:   Beaver Lake - Main Beach

Cost:   None (all maps provided for free, courtesy of CRD Parks)

More information on the CRD Parks website at :



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