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Organizer: John Downey (Event Director)

Newcastle Island 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended this barebones version of Newcastle Island. This year the

Lay family is on endevors throughout the country and this event director truly missed their

usual involvement. So thanks to the Lay family for all the previous years.

Orienteers enjoyed the warm sunny weather of this June weekend. Many participants also

camped overnight between races on this two day event. We were fortunate to have

particpants from GVOC in Vancouver make the two ferry trip, which made for some heated


Day 1

Course 1 was won by a fast young Jeffery. Laura took first place on Course 2, followed by the

team effort of Ethan, Sophie and Theo, and Jeffery in third place.

Course 3 saw a close race for first with Linda edging out Marie and Akos following in third place.

Course 4 was dominated by Magnus, followed by Andrea and then Scott.

Day 2

Course 1 racers from day 1 graduated to course 2, so we had no runners on day 2 course 1.

Course 2 was won by Sara and Sam, followed by Jeffery and then Andrea.

Course 3 was dominated by the sub one hour time of Joe, following by Linda adn then Petra.

Course 4 saw much competition and just when it appeared as though Magnus was unbeatable,

Gilles turned up to dominate the course with an amazing run of 48 minutes, followed by Magnus and then Ian.

Many thanks to all who helped make this event possible. Thank you Kate for all your help,

thanks to Jade and Adrian for equipment handling, thanks Sara for all your help, thanks to

Dave and Patricia on registration, Jeremy on day 2 finishes and Scott on SI and results.

Thanks to Mike, Sophie, Theo, Jeremy, Adrian, Gilles, and Matt for control pick up.

All the best,



Event Description:

Come join us for two fantastic days of orienteering and camping on one of the most beautiful places to orienteer on Vancouver Island.  Please check out all the details here:

This is a two-day event.  You can attend either Saturday or Sunday or come for both days and enjoy camping on Newcastle Island!   We have a group campsite booked.  This event is not too be missed.  


To help us determine who is interested, please register on this page as well as email the organizer John Downey at .



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